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Question about becoming an EF Contributor

If you do become one, how exactly would you go about explaining that on a college application? Is it well-known enough for colleges to instantly understand what this is or...?

Hi. Maria

Contributers and moderators might explain it better, but in my opinon, you ought to state explicitly all the details about the essayforum (website's name and goals) and your participation here (what you do as a contributor).
Yeah, good call azeri.

Just think of it as any other writer's group. If you participate in a writer's group, that reflects seriousness about writing. As a contributor, there is also an element of community service, because you help people with their essays even though they will not always help you.

Anyway, I see you doing great things here and really appreciate your work!

I don't think EF is so well known that any admissions person would know it, but anyone knows what a writer's group is. Be a contributor! :-)
Thank you, Kevin!

I think I benefit as much from helping others and learning from their mistakes as they beneift from my comments =) There is some great writing here and the Contributors' threads are great--one of Sean's inspired me to rephrase some bits of my essay, though I'm not sure if they are improvements or steps back in some cases...ah well, editing is process ^^
I see that you got your answer.

Frankly, I don't care whether EF will improve my resume or not. Editing other essays have made me realize some of the mistakes that I make, and that's what's important.

Finally, I became a contributor to make my username look cool. :P
I really like EssayForum! I am learning so much!! I see that I learn much more from actively reading and looking for what makes an essay weak or strong rather than just reading for content.

Plus, here, when I correct someone's grammar, it is actually a good thing o.O

And, yes, a cool username is certainly one of my aspirations ^^
I learn much more from actively reading

That's a significant observation -- active reading.

I remember that whenever I read some unfamiliar stuff, I had difficulties with comprehension. I still have them, but now at least I can identify the salient features. That's because now when I read, I look for inconsistencies in the text, which in turn help me to concentrate better and for a longer period. Even if the text has no flaws, the prolonged focus improves my understanding.

Thus EF's benefits are two-fold.
Ah well becoming a contributor is easy. Just review essays (at least 20) and then send a message to the admin via the Contact page.

If your reviews have been meaningful and helpful, you'll become a contributor.

As for becoming a moderator, it's slightly more tricky. Read the 13th FAQ in this page: Frequently Asked Questions.

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