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Question about EssayForum - How does this site work?

Oct 30, 2013   #81
Well, I am kind of new here so...
To my knowledge, this is a kind of interactive platform.
The goal is to let people cooperates with others, which means your article may be corrected by anyone who saw it.
Like me, I am just a college student preparing for the TOEFL test, not a professional one.
About how long will it take for you to get the reply...
Well, it depends on when your article clicked.

How can I post my writting for your

Hi Admin,

I would like to practise writting for IELTS examination. I hope that you can assist me in my writting mistake rectification. In case you can, please advise me required steps to post my essays. Thanks in advance.
Hi everybody!
I found out today that three or four of my essays have been deleted and my posts are decreased. I contacted the forum and they said that it was an information backup mistake and maybe they can fix it or not.

is this common here? did this happen for you too?
Question about which forum I should post in.

I have written a literary Analytical essay. I am sure I have gone about it wrong but I am staying with it as it's honestly my thoughts, and I would rather be wrong and learn from my wrongs than write something I could not understand. My essay is on Amy Tans "Two Kinds"


The Literature section should work fine :)

Help-information I am here for the first time.

Hi everybody.

I am here for the first time. I am preparing for the IELTS test. Could I post writing task 2 essay here? It comply with this site's rules?

Thanks in advances.

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