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Question about starting topics, how to upload, attach a PDF file?

Hello Essayforum mods/ members!
I have a quick question; I wrote up an activities list to attach to my common app, and converted it into a PDF so it would take up less memory and be easily readable.

After finishing the document, my next planned step was to get essayforum feedback, which is where my question is coming from: is there a way for me to upload a document into an essayforum thread? If not, how else would you suggest I distribute the document to get feedback on it?

Much Obliged,
Jonathan Flash

Good afternoon.

You can try and describe the situation here, and hopefully one of the members is extensively versed in PDF and they can assist you. Otherwise, if it is a PDF-specific question, you could contact the producer of the program.

Moderator, EssayForum.com
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