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Is it safe to post my essay here? Or should I be worried about Plagiarism?

EF_Team [Moderator] 15  
Jan 15, 2015   #161
Hello, we couldn't find your essay posted on other websites. You may post a link and we'll check this out. Thank you.

You cannot plagiarize yourself, so if you are the original author of the essay you posted (and if the name associated with your account is correct), it's not considered plagiarism.
Jan 20, 2015   #162
people can still plagiarize your essays, you just have to report them
Lovepreet Singh  
Sep 2, 2015   #163
well I just wanted to know that if i post my essay here,,,, won't anyone else steal it??

I mean other guys who check posts here...
Samuelsam123 20  
Sep 2, 2015   #164
Well basically, STEALING cant be avoided but in this forum ,we encourage everyone to come up with their own ideas , share and help others. You can REFER to others work but don't STEAL it.
lcturn87 236  
Sep 2, 2015   #165

It would be great for you to receive help through this forum. You could have your essay checked for grammar issues, meaning, etc. Everyone works diligently to help each student with his or her work. What I try to do for student's paper is put quotes around the sentences that I correct. It is just to ensure that this work is the student's work that has been corrected.

However, I would encourage anyone to write their own essay. It helps to improve your writing skills when you have written your own thoughts. Also, I would just like to state that sometimes there are posts in which someone may need help getting started with research. This forum would be a great place to start to help you with those types of assignment.
Jan 1, 2016   #167
Hello I will no longer post on your threads unless it is to help with your work but I had one serious question
if I posted my admission essay on here will it show up as plagiarism in the colleges eyes?
I did this on college confidential and they said to redo my essays because their programs will find this and label it plagarized and I will get rejected

sorry I am new to this and really made a mistake by putting it up here
Jan 13, 2016   #168
moved from
hi guys,i used a plagiarism checker and it seems like my teacher will think that i plagarized from from this website, is this considered plagiarism because im really worried now
Jul 31, 2016   #169
Email id for essay review needed :)

can i have your email/work ID's so that I can mail my essay for a review? i really dont want people to copy my ideas or plaigarism suspections from my uni (i will mail it to trusted people here only as i realize people might create a fake account to get my essay)

Thank you guys :)

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