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Why is my topic / thread deleted?

Jun 24, 2008   #1
hi, i recently post a topic using my other account. but it was always being erase. the one titles " essay check" the best invention. i don't know what is the reason, please let me know why so i can change the way i post it? it wasn't even copied i made it my own.

Good morning.

Where were they posted? Did you post them under another name? Under your current posting name it shows you have only made this single post. What was the title of your post or the content?

Moderator, EssayForum.com
I had 2 essays posted under the same login name "Aries". I am afraid it is deleted or something happened. However, i posted both of my UC prompt # 1 and # 2 essays just right now again for review. I can't believe my essays are GONE!

Thanks a million for revewing them.
There could be two reasons:

1. Essay has already been posted here and you reposted it (we encourage posters to keep all messages related to one topic in one thread).

2. Essay has already been posted on another website.

Click on your "Member" profile link to find all your posts. Why do you open a new thread when you ask a question - that could be one of the reason your posts were deleted. All posts related to one topic/problem should be included in one thread.

why does this site hate me?

i keep posting my essay on FSU but it never shows up. It seems as if someone is deleting it, or maybe i am posting my work wrong. lol this whole situation is pretty odd all i want is some help with my essay. So if anyone can give me some information in regards to my problem i would really appreciate it thanks.
thank you ill make sure my next post title is more detailed, also just out of curiosity is it mandatory for every EF reply to be brutal and belittling. It doesn't particularly brother me but there are some people in this world who are sensitive.
just out of curiosity is it mandatory for every EF reply to be brutal and belittling. It doesn't particularly brother me but there are some people in this world who are sensitive.

Since you are using this site, I am assuming you are looking for criticism on you writing. There is a difference between constructive criticism and "brutal and belittling" remarks. I do not think anyone is intentionally trying to put someone else's writing down. As far as sensitivity goes, I would think most people would prefer to have some harsh criticism on this site rather than from their instructor. That is my opinion anyway.
I don't know. I don't remember deleting it. Perhaps one of the other moderators did? Did it appear elsewhere on the web? Threads that contain material that has been posted elsewhere violate our TOS, and get deleted as a matter of course, even if you were the one who posted them in both locations. Could that have been it?
Why is my thread deleted?

95% of all deleted threads are and will be deleted because they do not follow the new thread title instructions posted at: essayforum.com/subject.html. In many cases users who ignore this rule will be suspended as well.

Oct 27, 2009   #24
Why did my thread get deleted?

Dear EF Forum,
I cannot find my thread - 150 words soccer essay. Was it deleted?
Thanks in advance for answering...
Oct 27, 2009   #26
Sorry - but can you check if you ever received it? It's the first time I posted anything and I might have screwed up. I can promise you that it wasn't published elsewhere and reading the title rules carefully, other more generic titles were not deleted.

Thanks again.
Oct 27, 2009   #28
OK - thx for answering. At least, it appears you received it. I'll retry with a new title.
Two possible reasons:

1. You failed to follow or to understand these rules: essayforum.com/subject.html.

2. Your essay has already been posted elsewhere and you just copy-pasted the essay here. We don't allow that.

I study media meant for mature audiences and I think my essay was erased because maybe you thought it was spam or inappropriate? I'm going to post it again because I really need help. Don't delete me, help me!
"Save your work" and "follow the rules" - A rant about my thread getting deleted

I posted my essay, with the title of the prompt ("Northwestern Statement... Critiques?"), as multiple others have. But it got deleted. Sorry that I didn't have a creative enough title for you...

but guess what??? I wrote that version on here and was unable to save it except for ON THIS WEBSITE.

so thank you for going on a power trip, deleting my post, and effectively sabotaging my essay.

i thought that this website was for helping people with essays, not deleting them because you don't like the title.
Due to my experiences,some of my essays are erased becasue i do not give a suitable prompt. That was a problem three months ago when i began joining Essayforum.

If i wrote an appropriate prompt, an essay would not be deleted

Hi Hailey,

I changed the title of this thread so that it might help others to avoid running into the same trouble you had.

You introduce two very important themes:
1. Don't just post your work to an online forum and expect that others will take care of it for you. Save it to your own computer, too!

2. Follow the rules at EF so that this online community can develop the way it is intended to develop.

I hope a lot of people read this thread so that it will help others to know that "Northwestern Statement... Critiques?"is not a descriptive enough thread title.

I'm really sorry about your lost progress. Nothing is worse than working hard on a piece of writing and then losing it...

Kind regards!

I agree Hailey.

I have posted my essay twice, titled "FSU admission essay" and it has been deleted twice. I do not see how there is something wrong with that title. I just want to know how to make it flow better, I dont want somone to rewrite it for me. So I understand your frusteration.

E. Newman
"FSU admission essay" is a meaningless and useless title for the reader. It also shows the writer has vague idea about his/her own work. Imagine you have 1,000 posters and each titles their thread about the same; how would you determine the CONTENT of the essay? That's why you need to carefully study essayforum.com/subject.html if you don't want your thread to be removed without notice.
You should have saved it onto your computer :(

And I understand the whole rule on subject titles because it helps the readers and the moderators to distinguish between essays. You should have put a part of your topic sentence or your essay's main points on the title. When you start a thread, it even gives you a warning.
That's understandable, and I understand where you're coming from on the whole frustration bit...

Though you should have definitely have saved it on your computer & you can't blame the website for that.

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