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Any way to share my essay in private?

Garala 1 / -  
Nov 25, 2007   #1
Is it possible to get your moderator's direct email address?

May I get your e-mail address please. I finished up typing my essay and I want you to to proof read it.

I don't feel comfortable sharing it with public.

EF_Team [Moderator] 41 / 222 15  
Nov 25, 2007   #2
Sorry, but we don't provide private services.
JamesZ - / 1  
Nov 6, 2008   #3
Way to confidentially share essay? (I want to be it private)

Hi, I wanted to share my essay with a moderator personally, but I notice that there is no PM function. (Atleast not one that I saw)

Is there any way I can send my essay in confidentiality?
EF_Team [Moderator] 41 / 222 15  
Nov 6, 2008   #4

This is a public website and at this time we don't provide private consultations..


literaturenooby - / 2  
Jul 2, 2011   #5
The ability to post privately on this forum.

Is there a way to post privately on this forum? This way, my ideas will not be shared with others?

Thank you,
Bob S.
ajit88rai 22 / 188 3  
Jul 3, 2011   #6
There is a private forum here-but that is only for Contributors n Moderators...This website is for the benefit of students or anyone across the globe-n one can only benefit on this platform by sharing their thots n ideas... if u r shy , then dont be...its a forum for everyone n it will help u also getting ideas from anyone n everyone---if u have any other issue, i think only moderators may help u out- so wait for any moderator to see ur thread n solve ur issue..

gud luck n cheers.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Jul 4, 2011   #7
Hi "Bob Smith!" :-) An online forum is probably not the best place to get writing help if you don't want others to see the info. You'll have to hire an editor or something. But at EssayForum, you make a contribution by posting your essay so that others can learn from looking at your writing, the corrections, the progress, etc.

If you don't want to post your writing in public, that is totally understandable. But we are here to help if you have a piece of writing you don't mind sharing with the world.

Thanks, Ajit, for answering this question! :-)
literaturenooby - / 2  
Jul 5, 2011   #8
Can't we have the post marked as public, after the work is done?
ajit88rai 22 / 188 3  
Jul 5, 2011   #9
No there is no such option- the moderators/contributors or anyone will b able to review ur writings only when it is publicly open for all- this website is not a social networking site where u need privacy... its only for academic benefit n helping the english skills of students... so i really dont think there is any solution to ur problem- its crystal clear over here->public or public only...
koei1982 4 / 11  
Sep 25, 2011   #10
If your wish to protect your private ideas, and also need some modification on your essay, maybe you can try to buy the service from this forum, it's not expensive, and also private and helpful.


Hm, this forum doesn't provide any paid writing service ;)

Haykaz - / 1  
Dec 26, 2016   #11
Merged:Success does not lie in "Results" but in "Efforts"

who can help me to review my application essay.

Success does not lie in "Results" but in "Efforts",
"Being" the best is not so important,
"Doing" the best is all that matters...

is there any opportunity to send my essay directly to someone to check it,or I must do it publicly?

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