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"Advancement in Computer Science" - SoP for Masters in CS - Feedback

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Oct 27, 2011   #1
The key to be truly contented is to enjoy the work we do and find pleasure in it. My rendezvous with computers began in school when I wrote my first program in Logo to draw a square on the screen. At first, it didn't seem that big a deal. What's the difficulty in drawing a square? But once I studied what exactly went into that square, I was captivated by it and have been mesmerized ever since. That is what drove me to get a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering from "College Name, Affiliation ", India. The nature of the coursework ensured that academic learning and it's practical use complemented each other. Over all these projects undertaken, I have not only gained a command over programming, but also learned to critically analyze problems, design solutions, deal with pain points and arrive at desired outcomes. William Shockley and his inventions, which have paved way for a new era in computer science, inspire me. After all these years, I am motivated with the same zeal to contribute towards advancement in computer science. I want to be a part of the catalytic force, bringing about a positive change in today's society. This is my foremost intention for pursuing MS.

I have performed consistently in my coursework as an undergraduate student with a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of "CGPA" . One of my first undergraduate projects was to create a text editor as part of System Software lab. I made use of the ncurses programming library to build an interactive text editor. It had features for all basic file operations and a keyboard interface. As part of the Networks lab, I developed a client-server system for effective media transmission over the network. The client was capable of streaming media and playing it in a media player. I learnt the usage of sockets and this project acted as an impetus for my interest in networks. As part of the database subject, I developed a placement center management system, which included a database in the backend and a user interface. For the computer graphics course, I built a graphics editor, based on the OpenGL graphics standard. Each of these mini-projects gave me a practical insight into developing applications, at the same time, enabling a better understanding of the concepts studied in the course.

During the third year, I participated in a department workshop on network simulators and its use in wired and wireless network simulations. The workshop motivated me to study route repair strategies in MANETs. Specifically, I studied the effectiveness of local route repair strategies in a project titled "Predictive Pre-emptive based Local Route Repair Strategy in Swarm Intelligence." Here, I devised a local repair strategy in case of route failure in Mobile Ad hoc NETworks (MANETs). Despite the complexity of the issues, I learned to stick with the basics to make any progress. For my final year project, I explored file structures and implemented a novel method for external sorting. This project was presented as a paper in the "Conference Name". All in all, working towards this paper was an extremely satisfactory, edifying and rewarding experience for me.

I was one among 29 students from all over South-Asia to attend the Summer School on Research Frontiers in Computing conducted by "University Name". There was tough competition among the applicants numbering around 200 and my research profile paved way for my selection with full scholarship. Getting to know about the upcoming research areas further fueled my desire to study MS.

I interned in "Company" as a College Intern for over 4 months. I implemented a custom FTP client with custom tailored hooks for specific functions in addition to standard commands. It was a learning experience, every day on the job. The networking projects opened a whole new world for me and inspired me, nudging me off in the direction of MS. Currently, I am part of the "Dept name" in "Company Name". My responsibilities include working on the feed processing framework and specifically the dashboard open to users of feed system.

I intend to pursue Masters in Computer Science at the "University ABC". I view it as an opportunity to study my subjects of interest in more depth before eventually endeavoring into Phd. The area of wireless networks and specifically, MANETs and sensor networks excite me. I am inclined to work in security and network management issues. The work being done in the computer science department aligns with my interests. . I plan to pursue Phd, once I finish MS. I intend to take this detour, in order to delve deeper in my field of interest and perform research before I dive into Phd.

I have always been excited to work outside my comfort zone, learning and acclimatizing myself to new situations, working in teams of diverse backgrounds and with a multicultural mix of people. I have worked under diverse research environments and developed a solid foundation in computer science, also having picked up skills of perseverance, responsibility and integrity, thus making me a very good fit to the program.
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Oct 27, 2011   #2
your grammar and vocabulary are both very excellent, but i think you may change one of the words in the following sentence with a more advanced one. just my advice. because your english is better than me, you can just consider about changing or not.

I want to be a part of the catalytic force, bringing about a positive change in today'snowaday society.

if your point is good, i recommend you to fix the following sentence in this way.
I have performed consistently in my coursework as an undergraduate student with anexcellent cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of "CGPA" . and mention your exact point here.

I made use of the ncurses? programming library to build an interactive text editor.
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Oct 31, 2011   #3
Thanks very much for your help.

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