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'Being an African and living in Nigeria' - statement of purpose for biotechnology

chizy 1 / -  
Sep 29, 2011   #1
Being an African and living in Nigeria has given me an experience of environmental and health challenges in Africa. I am particularly concerned about environmental pollution and its attendant influences on malaria and upcoming killer diseases like cancer in Africa this propelled my desire to study biotechnology in other to acquire the intellectual and research skills to proffer pollution management technologies in the future. I strongly believe that despite environmental degradation challenges of globalization, there could be a "green" means of protecting ourselves.

During my undergraduate studies, I learnt about major scientific milestones from Emil Fischer enzyme structure hypothesis to the Watson and Crick Base pairing that made us know biotechnology as it is today. I have an inquisitive attitude and I desire to acquire investigative skills and knowledge to generate better Ideas useful solve major world environmental challenges such as oil spills, and more importantly equipping students and the scientific community with knowledge.

My work experience at Nigerian Institute of Medical research sharpened my former blur vision of what research actually is all about. There I actually put to practice and appreciated what I had learnt in the classroom while working under supervision by highly skilled professionals in the field of molecular biology and ethno-pharmacology. They taught me some DNA and protein separation and analyzing techniques and I was also privileged to attend certain scientific symposiums in bioethics where I learnt about clear cut laws on extent of biological research on microbes, animal and human subjects. More Importantly, I developed imaginative skills in molecular biology. This helped me in preparing for the semester exams because I better understood DNA replication and regulation, protein synthesis and post- translational modification. It is worthwhile that their passion and commitment to their research rubbed off on me and this will help me excel in studying biotechnology at an advanced level.

My research project topic got a cue from my grand-mother knack for preparing therapeutic herbal concoctions. I researched on the effect of certain Nigerian herbs in preventing lipid peroxidation. During my research project I imbibed the value of team work, because I worked under supervision along side other students. I studied the research project increased my level of commitment and time management skill as I had to juggle between class in the day and research at night during the period of research. The presentation of my research results further boosted my self confidence. Besides learning new antioxidant analytical techniques in my research project, I learnt how to make meaningful interpretation of laboratory readings. I saw myself going through more group discussions during the final year of my studies, this I found very interesting and challenging and I definitely had an improved round table discussion skill through these experiences.

Leaving home to study in the United Kingdom will definitely enlighten my global perspective of issues and make me more independent.
I believe that if I'm equipped with the intellectual and research skills in Biotechnology, I'll make contributions in the field bioremediation of which will highly benefit my country's oil spill problems and its attendant health hazards. I also hope to impact future generations by contributing to existing knowledge in bioremediation and ethno-pharmacology.

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