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Apply MSc finance programme in Trinity College Dublin

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Nov 8, 2021   #1
Plz give me advices about my personal statements.
( limitation of 500 words, How can I rewrite some parts of my PS)

For editing, content, and formatting needs please contact us at essayforum.com@gmail.com. Thank you! EF

application essay

The decision to major in Finance, in retrospect, comes down to my upbringing environment in a family-run restaurant where I started to be the "assistant accountant" to aid my mom in keeping the tabs since I was 7. Once, my mom decided to give a generous offer of "buy one get the second half off ", and I was in deep fear that we would be exploited until our little restaurant broke. Yet, my mom assured me that this promotion would not bankrupt us and we would only gain more, though. Eventually it turned out that she was right. I was amazed then and became curious what on earth has happened.

Majoring in Finance over the past four years, I have built a solid foundation in finance and other interdisciplinary knowledge. Courses like Corporate Finance and Financial Market & Investment, I have gained professional training in financial markets and investment activities. In Linear Algebra and Advanced Mathematics, I acquired the analytical approach and applied it to reach a deeper understanding of econometric models. Meanwhile, I have put the unyielding effort in advancing my skills of modeling and programming with Python, R, SPSS, and Stata, and self-taught Econometrics using the textbook of Stock & Watson.

I also challenge myself by actively seeking opportunities to exercise my analytical and quantitative abilities. In the 2021 Mathematical Modelling Contest, I constructed a model for digital currency monetisation regarding the money demand theory. By extending the IS-LM model, I explored the numerical impacts of digital currency monetisation on fiscal and monetary policies based on the fixed-effect model. My research experience greatly enhanced my interests in economic analysis and prepared my strong research capabilities for future graduate study.

As a reward for my outstanding academic results, I attended an exclusive exchange programme at the University of Malaya, where I once again achieved academic excellence, proving my ability still excels in an overseas environment. Although it was my first experience with the British education system, I adapted quickly. Through countless tutorials, group work, presentations, and reports, I have honed my public speaking and teamwork skills to a new level I could not even fathom in the past. Consequently, I want to further my study in a self-directed, diverse learning environment, become less afraid to express my opinions and be more confident.

Models, theories, algorithms...all these intangibles are not as useful if not being put into real-life practice. My internship at the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) made me ponder the relationship between macroeconomics and financial statement. After investigating and analysing the profile, competitiveness, profitability and assets of over 20 companies. To identify and better meet clients' financial needs, I have made constructive interactions with them by recommending satisfactory investment options and providing investment strategy consultation, which both strengthened my communication skills. Nevertheless, I became aware that I do not have the capacity to independently give a thorough analysis of company's financial statement. Meanwhile, there is also more for me to learn in terms of technical training, and this is where I need more systematic academic support.

All these knowledge-building have gradually drawn my attention to probe into practical solutions to the issues, for example, the challenges that prevent Chinese enterprises from achieving greater prosperity. Therefore, my short-term goal is to become a financial analyst in Asia-based financial institutions such as CICC. As for my long-term career aspiration, I plan to establish my own financial services firm to provide comprehensive financial consulting for Chinese enterprises, thus helping them enhance their competitiveness worldwide.

Given my outstanding performance in academics, practical activities, and my grand vision, I'm confident to continue my graduate study in the MSc Finance at Trinity College Dublin. A set of analytical and technical training that are given are what attract me the most. From the packed modules this programme offers, I will dive deeper into the theories of finance from the perspectives of qualitative and quantitative analysis. I am excited to receive the highest analytical and practical training through Bloomberg training, finance simulations and real-life case studies, for they will equip me with practical skills essential for my life-long career as a financial analyst.

In all, I am thrilled to see how close your programme matches my interest and career goals. I believe your programme is the best place to unleash my full potentials as a prospective global finance leader who drives innovative changes and makes significant positive impacts on our world.

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