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Essay to apply at University College Dublin for MSc Course

sanghaisahil3 1 / 1  
Jan 27, 2022   #1

Please state your reasons for wishing to undertake this programme?

Ideally, how would you like to see your career develop over the next 5 years? (maximum 300 words)

Aspiring to become a successful entrepreneur and a businessman, I have always been passionate about getting into my family business - trading of Hardware and Door Fittings materials in Kathmandu, Nepal. Struggling to shift from the traditional way to a professional way of dealing with clients, my parents have many times faced issues to scale up the business. Hence, I have always dreamt to be the go to person and convert our trading business to a household brand in Nepalese community. But to do so, I will be required to have excellent academic knowledge and practical skills to run a business and hence an industry.

I feel that pursuing MSc in International Business from University College Dublin will prepare me for the same by not only developing my managerial skills but also nurturing my business mind. With a vision of business decision-making, leadership and global citizenship, this course will prepare me for everything that it takes to run a business on a large scale.

Despite being an Indian citizen, I have mostly spent my life in Nepal that has a different cultural backdrop as compared to India. By pursuing my under-graduation from India, I have also had the opportunity of understanding varied Indian markets and their business models. Nepal, being a country, which exports most of the goods from Indian markets, I have always felt a huge opportunity for local production and manufacturing throughout my under-graduation. I feel this course will provide me the right path helping me mix myself with different business minds from around the world and know about their approaches towards business. Moreover, having an opportunity to work for multinational companies through this course will itself give me in-depth practical business knowledge and help me achieve my long-term goals.

Being someone who has experienced the varied cultures of Nepal and India and learnt a lot from them, it will be an honour for me to take this experience to a global level. The MSc in International Management course will be a perfect course for me to commence my journey in the business world.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,846 4177  
Jan 27, 2022   #2
run a business and hence an industry.

Do not exaggerate. You are only going to be running a family / mom and pop hardware store. That is not an industry, even if you are the only hardware in Nepal. Bring your statement down to earth and within the realm of reality of your family business ambitions.

The essay does not have any proper response to the question "How do you see your career developing over 5 years?" The essay should show a progressive career plan, from start to finish, over 5 years. The reviewer would like to know that you are familiar with the course curriculum, training plan, and other considerations, in relation to your career or business development plan. that is not presented in this essay.
OP sanghaisahil3 1 / 1  
Jan 27, 2022   #3
Hey. Thank you for your feedbacks. I needed more clarity to what you mentioned.

Do you want me to simplify my aim and just let them know that it would be a step-step-process?

I understand i didnt write about 5 year plan. I will come up with a better one.

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