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I belong to an educated family related to medicine field. Applying for Master's of Computer Science

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Dec 28, 2014   #1
Motivation Letter for Master's of Computer Science.

With due respect Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is XYZ and by birth I am a XYZ National. I intend to write this Motivational letter to express my enthusiasm in pursuing a Master degree at XYZ University of Technology in Computer Science, Master of Science in Technology.

I belong to an educated family related to medicine field. In the early days of my school I was attracted towards a vertical standing box and a TV screen lying on the table in the school lab. I used to keenly watch and wonder that what did people do with this thing and why they press a horizontal plate while looking at the screen placed in front of them. My curiosity sooner revealed this secret and I thought what a fascinating moment would it be if I got the same chance. This was my first attraction towards this wonderful peace of equipment, later known to me as a computer.

In my high school I studied at the most prestigious institute of XYZ known as "College name". This Alma Mata not only enhanced my academic skills but also provided me with the opportunity to excel in the extra-curricular activities. On the Educational front I opted for the computer science instead of biology and from there I started my career in the pursuit of excellence. I passed my high school in flying colors by obtaining "A" grade (75% marks). In College apart from studies I remained an excellent debater and won the best declamation award on the speech title, as "Life is a tale told by and Idiot". In the sports field I played hockey, acted as president gymnastic club. I was declared the best college gymnast and was awarded with the College BLUES.

I have completed my BS Computer Science from ABC University of XYZ. During my graduation I have got skills and comprehensive knowledge about computer Programing Languages, Networking, Artificial Intelligence, Operating Systems, Data Structure, Network Programming, Robotics and Embedded Systems, Parallel Distributing Systems, Networking and Communication Technologies'. The more I learn the more I want to learn. This thriving quest of gaining knowledge leads me to participate in the internship program with NOC (Network Operation and Control Centre) a project funded by Government of XYZ. This provided me with a splendid opportunity of working in competitive environment. I gained a value-able knowledge of Network Switching systems, Cryptography and Network troubleshooting.

My final project was "Online multi-version Data warehouse". I was awarded with highest university grade " A" (85%) in my final project. The project helped me to acquire worthwhile skills associated with practical and theoretical subjects, as it needed a lot of research and further self-studies. By completing my project I learned how to integrate software programs using Web-Services and how to utilize 'Object Oriented Programming' techniques in software development in addition to handling concurrency, data integrity, logging and security. My long time goal is to be actively involved in the area of research that I love the most.

The ambitions that I have just mentioned would not be realized without a solid theoretical background, a strong real world experience and a specialization in Computer Systems. I am highly convinced that the research Master Degree course, offered by the XYZ University of Technology is the best way of concretizing this future because of its high standard of research and innovation and international orientation.

A completion of Master Degree at XYZ University of Technology will be an excellent springboard for my future career and will equip me with the knowledge and confidence to realize my dreams. Furthermore the courses this Computer Science, Master of Science in Technology combines matches perfectly my professional projects and academic expectations.

Thank you very much for considering my request. I look forward to your positive response.

Yours sincerely,

vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Dec 28, 2014   #2
Jorden, a motivation letter need not be formatted as a formal letter so you can dispense with the formalities in your opening and closing statement. Also your letter reads more like a resume listing everything about your academic life. That is not really necessary in a motivation letter. Instead, tell the reader more about what you are like outside of your academic pursuits. This becomes very long to read at this point, try to be direct to the point instead. Your letter really needs to be revised in order to make it more effective. Let me offer you some insight as to how you can effectively write a more effective motivational letter.

1. Talk about yourself in the letter. Try to discuss more than just your academic side by relating what you do outside of school. These interests and hobbies will show the kind of personality you have and the kind of student that you will be.

2. What is your motivation for pursuing this course of study? Why this particular course? What attracted you to pursue this line of education?

3. What made you choose this particular university to study at? Was it the city the school is located in? The university curriculum? The student life? These are the kinds of information that tell the reader you are really interested in becoming a part of their community. Remember to present an international point of view in this aspect and how it relates to your future plans.

4. Just like other university applications, tell us what you have to offer the university in terms of your academic and social skills. It is important to let the reader know how you will enliven the student and academic community.

5. Finally, tell the reader the kind of knowledge that you have about the major you are applying to, without going too in-depth or serious in the discussion. Just keep it informal but informative. It is important to create a balance between your academic and social motivations for higher course learning as it will affect the way that you are perceived by your peers and professors alike.

You don't have to write the letter in this particular order. Write it in a sense that is comfortable for you to discuss. These are mere guidelines for you to help you better draft a motivation letter :-)

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