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The biggest failure is when one gives up unknowing how close he was to the success... SOP

carthikchem2002 /  
Jan 23, 2009   #1
hi...please edit my sop for petroleum engineering...tell me if anything more is to be added or im missing out on something very important....

The biggest failure is when one gives up unknowing how close he was to the success...This is the quote which has always fueled me to put that extra effort when I felt like giving up. I'm from a non-technical background not having any sort of experienced hand to guide me but I always strived to do something different exploring the unexplored area. I like taking risks because I believe unexplored routes fetch more fruits. I was compelled by my parents, friends and all to take up computers after my high school since it was booming but I took chemical engineering negating their advices since I liked chemistry and I was very sure of my success in it. As far as engineering is concerned I always wanted this profession as my ability towards tackling mathematical equations and understanding the chemistry behind mathematics was pretty good since my childhood. I always did well in my math exams. This factor had a large role in me taking up engineering.

But with time I understood chemical engineering is more about pressure and temperature than about reactions and mechanisms. Even though core chemical engineering subjects like mass transfer, chemical systems modeling, heat transfer, fluid flow operations did interested me in which I got good grades I increasingly felt them as very basics and started finding more about specializations where chemical engineering has spread its effects. I tried knowing about varied fields like polymer technology when I participated in a technical festival consisting of integrated tasks of preparing a polymer in lab, explaining economies of running such a polymer plant in a real environment through presenting a paper in the presence of some very senior executives from reputed petrochemical units which prepare polymers and I along with my team came in the top 7 out of 40 teams. This achievement is particularly notable because only our team was from second year when we were just starting into chemical engineering and all the other teams in the top 7 were from our senior batch. I tried to explore more and was able to get a mini project at the department of metallurgical engineering at the prestigious PSG College of Technology-Coimbatore during my second year summer vacations. It was a very valuable first hand research experience for me and got to know more about the way a project is approached from the scratch. My work was to prepare YBCO( yttrium,barium ,copperoxide) super conducting powders from the basic elements by sol-gel method. The main motive of the whole work was to prepare YBCO superconductor which could show properties of superconductivity at or near room temperature. I was assigned to study the basic chemistry of YBCO and study about sol-gel method. This project even though was very raw for me I learnt and got the opportunity to see how senior research people approach a task from the basic work of others and subsequently built on it taking them as reference.

After my time there when I returned I got the opportunity to present a paper on Particle size distribution of aerosols from the exhaust of diesel engines at the national level technical festival of College of engineering -Pune. It was about the study of efficiency of a filter which was installed in the exhaust to decrease the size and number of particles by comparing it with an engine without having filter. Thus ultimately particle size distribution of the exhaust was analyzed. It was a real research work of my partner and we analyzed the results and presented it. It was bit different from chemical into the world of mechanical engineering which was a very exciting journey for me understanding many principles, concepts on the way. We secured a spot in the top ten who were invited for presentations after initial eliminations from a pool of colleges all over India and in the final presentation stood fourth among the final ten colleges. It really infused in me a lot of confidence and it made me realize that engineering is like a tree deeply rooted with various disciplines forming its branches which all have the same basic motive of advancement.

My interest in pursuing a degree in petroleum started gradually. I have a friend whose dad is a petroleum engineer. He works for oil and natural gas corporation (ONGC, India). He used to describe some basic things about a petroleum engineer, their life, offshore drilling ,benefits of being a petroleum engineer etc and slowly petroleum engineering started exciting me. I applied for a project at the Indian school of mines (Dhanbad) and was allowed for a 1.5 month long research work at the Department of petroleum engineering. I worked under mr.a.k.mandal on the enhanced oil recovery. My work was to study the effect of changing surfactant,alkali and polymer concentrations on the surface and interfacial tension of trapped oils by flooding with ASP flooding solution. I found the subject very interesting particularly the information about the %ge of trapped oils inside wells (the %ge of oil recovered by primary and secondary methods from wells amused me) considering the oil crisis. It showed me the scope for the recovery techniques once the conventional methods of primary and secondary recovery will die down. That period of 1.5 months was like clouds clearing to show the blazing sun and once I completed my tenure there I was very sure if ever I did any majors in engineering it will be petroleum engineering. I applied for two more paper presentations at national level technical festivals at two very reputed institutes-IIT(Bombay) and NIT-(Tirchy) in their respective technical festivals where students from all over India applied and I was shortlisted for final presentation at the respective institutes. This was an important achievement for me since I got the opportunity to present something which really interested me. I also selected enhanced oil recovery as my final year seminar presentation and obtained good grades.

I look forward to working with any oil major after my graduation completion later moving on with some r&d and consultancy.
If given opportunity to pursue graduate degree in your esteemed petroleum engineering department I assure you I will give more than 100% in adding value to me with the world class facilities available at------------------
EF_Sean 6 / 3,491  
Jan 23, 2009   #2
Your essay tends to be a bit on the dull side. I'd suggest going through and replacing all of the forms of "to be" with stronger, more active verbs. For instance, in one part, you manage to use "was" as your main verb in every single sentence for five sentences running:

It was a very valuable first hand research ...
My work was to prepare YBCO( yttrium,barium ,copperoxide) super ...
The main motive of the whole work was to prepare YBCO superconductor ...
I was assigned to study the basic chemistry ...
This project even though was very raw for me I learnt ...
OP carthikchem2002 /  
Jan 24, 2009   #3
thanks will edit it...
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Jan 24, 2009   #4
That quotation in the beginning... if it is a quote, it should be put into quotation marks and you should tell who said it. If you don't know, call it an adage or a saying instead of a quote.

The word "unknowing" seems weird there... I am not sure if it is correctly used or not!

How about "unaware of" ??

No rushing through sentences:

I'm from a non-technical background, so I have no experienced hand to guide me, but I always strive to do something different exploring the unexplored area.

After my time there, when I returned I got the opportunity to present a paper on ...

All the content is very good! You just need to be decisive about your sentences. Make each sentence crisp and powerful, so that every word counts.

OP carthikchem2002 /  
Jan 25, 2009   #5
Thank you very much kevin for replying to both my posts,thanks once again
gray satriya 1 / 5  
Jan 25, 2009   #6
wao, i think it is way too long. Doesn't it should be not more than 600 words? they usually are quite strict with the max words..
OP carthikchem2002 /  
Jan 25, 2009   #7
ya...me too think so...will edit it...thanks...

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