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Bioinformatics personal statement for graduate school

qguo551 1 / -  
Feb 5, 2020   #1

expressing my motivation

I found my career interest during work. I got my first job after graduation, as a statistical programmer in a pharmaceutical company. Although the job is not related to the environment, I get to apply my data analytic skills which I learned from my economy classes at work. My role was in the middle of the drug's R&D process. I started to comprehend the path of new drug discovery. I like the way we research from various clinical trials. I like the way how people cooperate and finally carry the project (new drug) to the market, to bring direct benefit to a patient who is suffering. Although I was working in the field of interest, some qualities I reflected at work tells me that I may not be suitable for industry. One of them is, too many questions came out during my analysis and I want to find out the answers to all the questions. But as a worker in the industry, it was wrong to raise my own questions. My job is to answer the question asked by the company only. After serious evaluation, I think I can be good at doing research.But in order to prove it, I have to get further education.

Other preparation? Of course, To be prepared as a statistical programmer. I founded myself at a four-month data science boot camp right after graduation. I get to learn some statistics on several popular programming languages. I have gained a solid foundation in programming and statistics during the time. I appreciate the knowledge I learned in Econ classes because economics help me find data science as my career interest. Before entered Berkeley, I was studying in a community college and my major is biology. I have a good understanding of biology. I wasn't good at economics at first. However, my education here has changed me. The program I'm applying is data science (concentration in precision medicine) which is the combination of life science and quantitative research method.

I hope the above information could give you an idea about my motivation. I regret that I didn't do a lot preparation for academia during my undergrad. (e.g. get involved in research and build up a relationship with professors through this) because I find my goal late. However, I believe one deserves a chance once he finds the goal. I have thoroughly evaluated my ability in academia as a grown-up man and I can't prove it whether I am right unless I give it a try.

How is that sound?

Holt [Contributor] - / 7,892 2170  
Feb 6, 2020   #2
It sounds confusing, self-defeating, and illogical. The presentation needs a lot of work. Since the course you want to study for your masters does not directly relate to your job, you need to find the most minute reason (least reason) that it can connect with data science. Attending a boot camp is good. However, it does not really indicate a full preparation for the course. It just means that you have a basic understanding of the course requirements. Unless you can prove further self-study and a method by which you can apply data science to your current job, your personal statement will not be believable. Which is it? Do you want to be a good data researcher or just a researcher within your profession? Your essay does not really focus on a proper point of view. If you want to be a data scientist, then focus on that. Don't muddle the issue so much by discussing your current job in a manner that does not relate to the masters course. You should try to write another personal statement. Don't use this current one. It just doesn't work.

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