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Brain tumor completely took away from my grandfather ability to speak.

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Jan 3, 2015   #1
A personal statement of career interests and goals. Topics you might address in your statement include: your areas of interest within the field, what you find appealing at Marquette, activities you've been involved in outside of school and how these have influenced you, and any positive or negative experiences that may have impacted your academic career.

In 2007, my grandfather was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which completely took away his ability to speak. Even though his speech was impaired, he could still communicate with us. Towards the end, my grandmother fed him a chocolate malt and his face completely brightened. Since that day and even more so since I have started at Marquette University, I have learned about the multiple ways we can communicate, which goes far beyond speaking. As an aspiring speech pathologist, I hope to help people communicate effectively to improve their daily lives. Marquette University has given me the privilege to continue learning about what I am passionate about, which is one of the many reasons I would love to stay here for my Graduate's Degree. The clinic on campus will allow me to see a variety of patients. The location of Marquette University also provides easy access to different hospitals and schools, which will enhance my learning.

During my academic career I have observed speech pathologists in hospitals, schools, clinics, and at their client's home. In particular, I enjoyed working in a hospital with adults. There was a man that suffered from a traumatic brain injury that was on the rehabilitation floor at the hospital for about five weeks. During his first session, he could barely comprehend anything and was falling asleep. By each session, his communication improved more and more. By the last session, his response time was slower than normal, but he still was able to have a normal conversation. As a speech pathologist, I would love to be a part of the healing process of the rehabilitation by setting goals and helping him achieve them. Stroke patients are another area in adults that I have had a strong interest since I witnessed my father having one. Since I have had first hand experience with what actually happens, I feel as if I could better help my patients and their family. A woman that I observed for a couple weeks suffered from a stroke on the left side of her brain, which impaired much of her language skills. It amazes me how in one instant a person's speech can be completely incoherent, which can be lasting.

Another area that interests me that I have worked with in the Marquette University Clinic are AAC devices. The man I observed as a clinician assistant for a semester had a form of aphasia that caused problems in memory and word finding. The degree that the disease affected him completely broke my heart. In order to compensate, he used certain iPad apps to help him remember simple words or how to do simple tasks. When I first learned about all the AAC devices that exist in class, I was amazed. I have grown up around technology thanks to my father constantly taking a part and building computers right in front of me.

After my Fall semester of Sophomore year, I had a major wake up call after a poor semester due to personal issues. My advisor kindly wrote to me telling me he was worried about my progress in the program. This was the first time I felt my dream of becoming a speech pathologist could be slipping away. Since then I have completely refocused and I am determined to complete my degree and receive an acceptance letter to your graduate school. I understand that Marquette University's ADP is a fast-track program, but I am confident in my abilities to join the class of 2017 and become a successful speech pathologist.
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Jan 4, 2015   #2
Your essay is well detailed and has great supporting notions. Especially because you mentioned personal experiences that ignited your interest in your prospective field, I feel that the reader can understand why you ardently desire to continue your studies. I do think that you can make the last paragraph more clear; maybe try to help the reader understand how that encounter with your progress has instilled in you the requirements necessary for advancing in speech pathology.

Great essay and God Bless!

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