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Business skills/Marketing acumen/Holistic mind;MBA International Mgt-Long/Short Term goals

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Dec 1, 2013   #1
Though various functions across the organization are essential in business development, Marketing department is the one which plays a vital role in terms of brand recognition as well as revenue enhancement which I strongly believe. As a service marketing personnel, I have always foreseen lot of challenging accomplishments professionally & personally for the past 4 years. I always lay my interests towards Marketing because it is the process of delighting customers by bestowing the products which are tailor/custom made for meeting their requirements. Though we produce quality products, there are various skills required to reach out the market in order to convince the customers by highlighting the best features on products and how it is differed from the competitor's products.

Being the face of the customers, Sales Executives are the ones who are going to make the impression about our products among the customers in the diverse competitive market. Interpersonal Skills among the executives is the principle deciding factor when we need to penetrate into the market deeply and to hold the robust unshakable position among the competitors. To impart such deep level of knowledge to the peer groups including me, as a future manager i need to be more inclined towards learning the various tools & Strategies like Team work, customer negotiation skills, conflict management etc. in human resource development. This is going to be very challenging & Interesting tasks of uniting the diverse employees and bringing out "One Environment, One Culture" tag line.

Every product will be successful if we place it on the right time after having a detailed analysis on the competitive market, aligning the company's decision towards customers on what is the actual need for the particular product in the market as well as the forecasting the future needs. Such hardcore decision making skills are very much required for me in terms of setting up new business ideas and establishing the new business, evaluating the marketing concepts altogether. I would strongly believe that XXXX MBA will help me in learning the various tools & Strategies used in Human resource development through training the manpower and policy making. Through various simulations, corporate strategies, lectures from the international business managers frame work modules, I would strongly believe that XXXX MBA will eventually throw immense knowledge in best in class managerial thinking methodologies, decision making strategies and other various tools to achieve my short term professional and personal goals.

The accomplishment of my near-term objectives will help me in achieving my long term career goals which is to identify the potential market internationally through various marketing research techniques & strategies. An MBA degree would eventually help me in actualizing what i have always been dreamt off. I always feel like leader and want to be so. Though i don't have a formal Business education in background, I am more inclined towards learning the business related studies. I started my career in Product development but in due course I had the insight that all my interest laid more towards the after sales activities rather than being a hardcore technical person which was the major hog in my career life is the reason why I switched to Marketing division. Out of my interest i have always believed that this is what exactly i wanted to be. Meeting customers, identifying the potential markets where our products would have the actual value, Competitor benchmarking activities, imparting various customer satisfaction enhancement programs and so.

With the knowledge in sales & marketing background, I would like to proceed further towards identifying and assessing the potential market globally through the various marketing research techniques as I don't want limit my professional career in India. I would like to gain the deeper insights on various tools used in planning of international business and implementing the new business ideas and set ups and also to understand the various risks involved in terms of expanding to global markets by rigorous analysis on the market selection and competitor presence. Marketing research needs a deeper understanding on the economics which decides the profitability and sustainability of the company. I would like to learn the various tools and techniques on micro & macroeconomics to understand the government regulations on the industrial development.

Usage of teaching tools such as case studies, business simulation games, presentation on the topics, XXXX MBA will eventually deliver me to the world as a Best in Class Manager who can foresee lot of challenging careers both tactically & strategically and accomplishments in the field of international marketing research. The school's industrial centric approach is evident from the multitude of guest speakers from various international organizations into every course which will help me to interact with the global managers and to identify the various techniques and strategies being used to promote the brand in competitive markets. The location of the university is very advantageous in terms of global job opportunities from the companies which are branched out internationally.

XXXX ranked among the premier universities in Europe for its multiple levels of student diversity and excellence. It provides me to interact with best in class students globally in terms of functional and co-curricular activities. Diverse environment will help in outlining the base of my career life as i wanted to have an international exposure and spread into international market and it will increase the global network to understand the global market. Last but not the least; XXXX has wide range of distinguished alumni network and opportunities which would help in finding the right venue for my career stint internationally.

It is thus is my choice of pursuing an MBA Program in XXXX to gain business skills, Marketing acumen, holistic mindset which are the key foundation to achieve my professional goals

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