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Apr 27, 2014   #1
Hello. My name is Ardania. I am from Indonesia. Here is my personal statement for Urban Design postgraduate programme in Cardiff University, UK. I hope you guys could give me some advices to make this more appropriate to be sent to Cardiff Univ.

Thank you ;)

I would like to express my desire to enrol Urban Design MA in Cardiff University. Graduating from Institute Technology of Bandung, the most prestigious institute in Indonesia, I earned Bachelor Degree majoring in Architecture. At my first acquaintance with architecture, I kept in mind that the architecture was related to creating spectacular buildings. I finally found that architecture is about function and practice, not only beauty. Through architecture learning, I had been forced to think analytically and creatively, yet integrate many aspects and many disciplines to achieve an optimal result on the design. In my third year, I took "Architecture of A City" course which led me to see that the design of a city, whether it is good or bad, gives certain effects to politics, economics, social-community and also the environment. Since then I became interested to urban design.

My passion in urban design represented at my final design project: Serang Youth Center as urban playground and also a place for young people in Serang City. I was confronted with many obstacles because the project was located in the center of the city, which urged me to provide a public space design for Serang people at any age. Thus, I decided that landscraper-shaped building approach could fulfil both needs. With this approach, the design gave explorative and flexible spaces, access-flexibility to people, and with this new dynamic form; it infused the strong spirit of youth to the city. It is not only upgrading people's quality of life, but also bringing together the youth and the society into one place, and helping the city to develop youth's characteristic to become more sociable. After graduation, I worked at PT. BITA Enarcon Engineering as junior architect. I involved in creating concepts, mostly in national architectural competitions, which some of them were related to urban issues. I experienced architectural practice; working day and night under deadlines and setting a good presentation. Then, now I am working as architect engineer in PT. Krakatau Engineering. I learned much about engineering design and the construction. It was a good exercise for me and I am looking forward to other learning-experiences.

My great passion in urban design leads me to apply Urban Design MA at Cardiff University. I believe taking a master degree in your university would not only enrich my professional qualification, but also will enhance my maximum potential further. Aside for its looking-forward modular programmes, I am sure your world-class university can provide me the best educational resources and an excellent learning environment. For its unique cities, architecture, cultures, and people, The United Kingdom is suitable place for learning global cultures. One-year study program is also my consideration, I see that as an effective opportunity that I could directly give immediate contribution from the advanced knowledge I gain from your university to develop my home country.

In the future, I am going to exhibit my knowledge to take a role in the infrastructure development in my homecountry, especially in urban design. With my competence as urban designer, I wish I could overcome all the constraints of the process in a big scale of a project; such as urban establishment, in Indonesia that gives strong foundations into local massive development, which is recently still needed by various cities in Indonesia. Hopefully, creating comfortable cities without compromising the identity of the city could be one of my contributions to my home country, particularly to my hometown.

I personally have a state of mind that education is the most important goal that should be achieved to lead people into a better quality of life. My national background would become one of substantial asset to your department where I look forward to continue my study and exhibit my fully diligence to this field. I sincerely wish that I could be a part of your programme and certainly, I would contribute my optimism, passion, and tireless creativity towards your learning atmosphere. I believe this excellent learning experience will be useful for humanity and the communities that I will serve in the future.
LaryDonald - / 2  
Apr 28, 2014   #2
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