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Career goals and objectives statement for my Graduate school entrance.

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Sep 22, 2013   #1
Readers and Contributors, please feel free, to point out any wrong grammers, spelling errors, wrong sentences and others.


An MS degree in taxation itself is a tool, a means not an end. There is a wide gulf between academia and the real world. The former provides theoretical tools; the latter its experimentation. Having demonstrated initiative and effectiveness in domestic and international financial accounting and auditing positions within both public and private sectors for over twelve years, also my current role as Tax Auditor with the State of New York, department of taxation and finance, has uniquely prepared and suited me as a better candidate for your MS Tax program in your citadel and reputable institute of learning. My first goal upon successful graduation from this great citadel is to pay off my student loans. I hope the graduate school for the University of Illinois, will be generous to augment my meager financial resources to supplement my MS in taxation program.

In the interim however, I intend to seek for position as a Senior Tax consultant or Tax manager in one of the big 4's professional service companies, namely Deloitte LLP, KPMG, Ernst & Young LP and Pricewaterhousecoopers LLP. Why professional service companies?, it's because I will have access to valuable resources, skills and wealth of experience to eventually prepare me to the top of corporate ladder as a CEO or Partner, and opportunities to increase my leadership abilities through regularly encountering and solving problems.

Additionally, after successfully completion of my MS in taxation degree, with enough credit hours in accounting and auditing course works, I intend to seek for approval of Illinois board of examination and ultimately sit for my certified public accountant (CPA) examination. Furthermore, an MS degree in taxation, Certification as CPA, and valuable skills and experience in my time spent engaging with in professional service companies would allow me to quickly rise to position of a partner. It is my hope to employ the relevant and cutting edge skills university of Illinois would afford me.

Another important career goal that I will like to explore while working in my day job would either be a teacher or an entrepreneur; it has always been my desire to teach classes on areas of my expertise, at a local community college, business school or graduate college, I hope the knowledge and the cutting edge skills that I would acquired at University of Illinois, MS degree program in taxation , would afford me the opportunities and empowerment I need to intellectually impact the next generation of tax professionals. Also running an online business information resource site related to my day job, would serves as a parallel career, thereby making me financially free and independent and be able to take certain risks in my first job, which would otherwise not to be taken, such in case I lose my first job or there is economic downturn, such a risk of having a second career may turn out to be a lucrative proposal for the company that I will eventually be working for.

Finally, after years of experience and work in a professional service companies, it's would be my ultimate desire to establish my own business or chain of businesses, so I can use all the expertise and knowledge I have acquired to my business advantage.

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Sep 25, 2013   #2
Hi here are some changes I made for you. Hope they help.

1.also my current role as
I think this sentence doesn't flow properly. Maybe you could change 'also' to something like 'along with my role as...'

2.Why professional service companies? , it'sIt's

3. ; it has always been my desire to teach classes on areas of my expertise, at a local community college, business school or graduate college,
I think that this should a separate sentence on its own so you do not need the semicolon at the beginning of the sentence and can also replace the comma at the end of the sentence with a full stop.

This is very good by the way.

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