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Career & Program Investigation essay for the Architectural Technologies (AT) Program

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Jun 9, 2018   #1

career investigation report

The SAIT institute in Canada requires their applicants to write an "Investigation essay" which basically should cover these areas in the attached picture.

and this is what I wrote :

I am Jade Jingo, I was born on a sunny day of August 31st 1985. I live in Beijing, the capital city of my country. I live alone in a small apartment in not an affluent area of the city. My parents live close by and I have strong bonds with them. I have a mentally disabled sister who is all my concern in life. I describe myself as defying and resolute, I am an advocate of facing my issues head-on and I do not believe there is anything in life that can't be altered. I am into chess as a hubby and I follow major tournaments and games closely. I personally have never been really a top grade chess player but observing other people's achievements gives me a huge thriving sense.

I left my country for the pursuit of knowledge in 2003; I went to Cyprus to get my B.S. in information technology. I did not have the best of times there since I was struggling with monetary issues and living in a foreign country at the time for a person who was barely 20 was really burdensome. I went through a lot to cope with issues and build my future. Despite all the extremities I managed to get my B.S. with not that much of a desirable average in 2009. Upon arriving in my country, I established an IT company called "Halqe" and immediately embarked upon the job. I successfully concluded 23 projects in the first year and I amassed an impressive amount of knowledge while implementing the projects. I personally think I am a great candidate for SAIT as SAIT wants their students to build a life with the information that they garner throughout their life in their institute. This goal is consistent with my school of thought as well. I believe that life is unbelievably short and we are destined to make the best out of it. I chose SAIT because after months of research and investigation among hundreds of colleges and institutes and reading online reviews and asking questions from netizens, I realized that SAIT's Web Developer course is an amazing opportunity for me to excel and it perfectly fits my needs to learn the most up-date knowledge in the field of IT. The 15 credits that are presented are all exciting for me, but I reckon "Web Client & Server Programming" might be the predominant part of the Program. The Internet is moving forward fast and to catch up with it you need to learn the most recent technologies to interact with your clients and customers through your servers. I am keen on knowing how switching some of the load to the client side is possible and we can have an interactive connection between them.

The jobs prospects are already great in my country and many new companies are looking for people who can run a website or an online application for them. This huge demand from nearly all types of businesses has lead into a high income for web developers in my country. The expected salary should be now around 1000 to 2000 $ a month. Which may sound quite low in Canada but in Beijing this money can make you live better than 80 % of the people. I am under the impression that the future belongs to the Internet. The Internet has broken borders and has made countries and people unite. When you are online, you exist as an ID, you exist by ones and zeros. It doesn't matter if you are from Japan, Canada or China, and that is the beauty of it. We are all really equal online.

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Jun 10, 2018   #2
Your response to questions listed under bullet listing #2 is not complete. You need to do further research about the courses offered in the program and better explain why this interests you the most. As I read this essay, it did not come across as an investigative piece because you are not quoting direct researched information as required by the university. That is why they are asking you to format this essay as a research paper. You have it formatted as a personal statement instead.

Focus on finding relevant and accurate information from other sources. Cite those sources as part of your decision making process and inspiration to pursue this field. Then list your sources at the end as instructed to do so. Present this essay from a third person point of view since it is an investigative piece about who you are and why you want to enroll in this course. Don't use the first person point of view because that is what turned this into a personal essay instead of an investigative research piece.

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