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'career in science and health care' - my PA graduate school personal statement

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Aug 7, 2012   #1
Personal Statement/Narrative.
Please describe your motivation towards becoming a PA (5000 character limit)

I want to be a PA that also conducts public health research. My background is mostly in clinical research and research. Some schools have told me that the clinical assessments that I do will count as direct patient care hours. Anyways... this is my first pre-draft of my essay (it needs A LOT of work) and I would like some feedback if you have any... Thank you... :-)

One should use their passions and skills to better the world. I firmly believe in this statement which is why I want to become a physician assistant. My passion for research, medicine and science and my desire to impact and improve public health are among the greatest motivators to become a physician assistant.

Elementary school was very challenging for me. My mother was concerned with my limited social interactions and slow academic development. Four years later, after being assessed by various medical professionals, I was diagnosed with Attention Deficiency Disorder. I became very curious and learned all that I could about ADD. Reading books on the disorder led me to learn about other learning disabilities and mental disorders. My curiosity expanded into a desire to know about all mental disorders, the brain, the human body and human behavior.

Later in 2002, a close relative became afflicted with a seemingly onset of psychological disorders. A variety of psychologists, physicians, psychiatrists and other medical personnel were all involved in diagnosing and caring for her during her struggle. She suffered a lot during this time and often wanted to give up on life. (Should I talk about how it was frustrating to diagnose her?) Nevertheless, her medical team was continued to support and treat her so that she could recover. This experience fueled my desire to be part of a medical team. I look forward to working with doctors, nurses and other medical staff as a physician assistant to improve patient's health.

To prepare for a career in science and health care, I majored in biochemistry and minored in psychology at Saint Joseph College. I became fascinated by the way, the human body works, thinks and the biochemical processes involved. My interests led me to seek out research opportunities. My senior year in college, I researched methylphenidate and its dopaminergic effects and compared them to that of cocaine. After college I went to UConn Health Center... then I went to the National Institutes of Health... I currently conduct research to identify genes that are related to the acute response of alcohol...

In addition, to my fascination with science and medicine I have always been concerned with public health. Growing up in a Puerto Rican house hold has made me sensitive to cultural issues and the disparities that minorities face. My mother works for a non-profit organization called the Connecticut Puerto Rican Forum. Occasionally in high school and college, I would volunteer as a teacher's aide and program assistant and for a partnering organization. Working with low income minorities taught me the importance of community based programs and education.

At Yale School of Medicine and Saint Joseph College, I took classes and conducted research to better understand these types of issues in health care. As I shadowed physicians in various health care settings, I saw firsthand how language barriers impacted medicine as physicians would utilize my proficient Spanish speaking abilities to communicate with patients. In 2009, I also had the opportunity to work with several teams at the International Rescue Committee to provide education materials and outreach events to refugees. My background and experiences have made me committed to improving the public health of underserved communities. I hope to continue this type of work as a Physician Assistant to underserved communities and individuals.

As a future physician assistant, I will be able to work both with a medical team and independently to provide health care and to conduct research that will improve the communities health.

should I add something about "I am driven and ambitious... leader... worked harder in school to achieve... created National Biological Honor Society... Searched for research jobs despite economic struggles... took graduate class while I worked at least 60 hours a week... " I feel like I need a real good story to tell to keep the reader interested and show him/her why I want to be a PA and why I would make a great one.

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