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'changed from being less ambitious to becoming more ambitious' (reasons for applying)

ma_bankas 1 / -  
Apr 6, 2012   #1
What are your reasons for applying for the course you wish to study? Explain how it will help your career and personal development on your return to your home country. Essay should be no more than 750 words.

Will be happy to have someone help with the essay below. Thanks

After surviving two accidents within fourteen months in my late teenage years, I changed from being less ambitious to becoming more ambitious -pushing myself towards achieving more with my life. This led me to discover more about myself through which I identified my weaknesses and strengths over the years and defined my values. This was a beneficial exercise as it helped improved my relation with people and changed my outlook on life. My drive for success saw me through a rigorous undergraduate degree program and is pushing me towards pursuing higher education. Convinced that specialization in a specific field of study will cause me to work at higher efficiency resulting in the delivery of quality service in any organization; I am interested in pursuing a master's degree in the study of law.

Through self-discovery I identified my assertive, critical nature and frequent habit of being analytical and applying logic to almost all situations. These traits are the common reasons why few people suggest the study of law to me. I constantly brushed it off not until during my final year at the university. At the time, I had the opportunity to study Business Law for one semester and my exposure to this subject generated interest in me for that subject area. It was at this point I explored the possibility of studying law and decided to study it in depth.

Aside my interest, it's a respected profession that will give the learner diverse knowledge and understanding of the law. Having this skill, will enable me comprehend complex matters; easily develop solutions to problems that arise and to also express my thoughts effectively. Applying for this coarse and studying this will give me practical and theoretical experience on issues that require resolution, improve my writing skills and my communication skills. Harnessing, these skills will train me into being a leader, decision maker and a creative thinker who is guided by adequate knowledge of existing rules and regulations.

Developing a specialized profession towards becoming a corporate lawyer in a multinational firm requires that I study international law thus helping me achieve this career goal. With this skill at hand, I will be able to contribute ultimately to the development of the country through my contributions at my place of work-- where I will contribute to the legal frame works of the company, decipher complex legal documents, draw up contracts and offer legal consultation to ensure that all legal needs are met.

Ghana is a developing country and there is so much potential that has not been utilized. I consider myself fortunate to be experiencing political stability and a democracy form of governance unlike some African countries. These factors together with the recent discovery of oil act as a force of attraction for individual foreign investors and multinational companies. With these kinds of corporate relationships springing up, a western kind of education in international law, will present a better understanding of foreign laws and culture. This knowledge is necessary to help protect business and workers and avoid exploitation that may arise. This serves as an avenue for me to contribute to the development of my country upon return home after my studies. Being motivated by my desire to succeed and contribute to the development of my country, I am ready to begin the next phase of my career.
Den 1 / 2  
Apr 6, 2012   #2
i think that your idea is ok, you have a few mistakes, but it isn't important. Good luck for you :)
sol2 1 / 2  
Apr 8, 2012   #3
Your essay is quite good. Here are a few mistakes I noticed.
... as it helped improved
...experiencing ... a democracy form ... You could use 'a democratic government' instead.
The first line of your second paragraph could read. Through self-discovery I identified my assertive, critical and analytical nature; applying logic in almost all situations.

...common reasons why few people suggest ... brushed it off not until . I think ' quite a number of' will do and 'brushed it off until' instead.
mclite77 2 / 15  
Apr 8, 2012   #4
This essay has a good hook in the beginning.

My drive for success saw me through arigorous undergraduate degree ... Add a comma here to connect this sentences Convinced that ... in any organization; period here I am ...

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