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Chevening scholarship will enhance my leadership skills and prepare me for managerial positions

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Sep 7, 2019   #1
Need help with my

leadership and influence


My father may his beautiful soul rest in eternal peace, before his death one thing he made us promise was no matter what the destitution or the situation we must endeavor to complete Education because time will come and no one would give or lend us a hand. We never knew what he was talking about until his death came knocking on the door.

It was a struggle through primary school, until I joined high school, there my leadership aptitude was realized by my teachers and students when I was elected deputy head girl in my 2nd year to 3rd year , my other prefects and I delegated duties to all students in different areas within school and monitor maintaining cleanness , to be a school prefect few criteria were have to be encountered such as a performance and hardworking and in my 4th year, I was promoted to Dinning Hall Captain managing kitchen logistics, there I developed resilience, organizational and other leadership skills such as decision making, which I have been honed over the years.

In the year 2013 after completing my Diploma in (Project Management) from Kenya I decided to come back home and I got job immediately with a local bank as a public Relationship officer and Human Resource Administrator in which I oversaw 50 employees including casual laborer managing the payroll, staff leave, taking minutes, writing reports, logistics and meeting official from the government and building relationships and creating harmonizing workable environment for the community. which wasn't exactly what I wanted to do, because I was looking for something within the community. The fact that Bank used Arabic as a language for running business and majority of staff were coming from Sudan whom they all spoke Arabic. Therefore, delegating and communication with the staff was the most difficult situation I had to face, furthermore I only spoke English with only basic Arabic for communicating. Then one day Managing Director called for departmental meeting and the directives came out in which I was to form a committee of staff and think of new ideas of the dressing code for the staff, solution and way forward of shifting from Arabic to English and I also proposed to the MD if staff could start taking English course for the better future for the bank and themselves. I was only left with to convince, initiate ideas and together with staff to listen and gather data from each other. we had several meetings with staff before we clinched on so many unresolved issues. I believed in team work, Despite having complication with some staff because of my age and some felt me delegating them was not k. I could persuade and convince them, it's all about making everybody want to stretch and accomplished the mission and the MD approved of the changes because of my persuasion.

It was then I thought of upgrading myself with a higher education level and I started my Distant Learning from Kenya. I enjoyed my work and studying at the same time. After long struggle with long nights and days I finally graduate with degree in Peace and Conflicts studies. I started looking for something challenging and different environment then I landed on contract with International NGO as Protection Information Management Officer, where I managed and supervised primary and secondary data of the project, I intricate myself with community, trained and empowered them to depend on themselves and I loved every minute of it. Trained staff and recruited volunteers, campaigned against early/forced marriages, gender inequality and people with special needs.

Therefore, Chevening scholarship will further enhance my leadership skills and prepare me for senior managerial positions upon returning home, fighting for the rights, gender balance and equality for women as I look forward to transitioning into a global leader.

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Sep 8, 2019   #2
Nuku, I think your introduction is quite different from what the body of the essay talked about. If you must want to put this introduction, then let it be linked to how your dear father encouraged you to be the best version of yourself and standout or something relating to leadership, so that your examples can be in line with your intro.

Please check your punctuations and use capital letter after full stop.

... which I have been honed over the years.
Also, in you third paragraph,
Then one day Managing Director called for ...

You can make a better statement, your story became boring at some point. Consider something like this: in one of the meetings organized by the Managing Director, I suggested to the administration that English speaking would be a better language of communication for effective.... Even though it wasn't initially accepted, through my persistent influence and initiation of ideas on how to go about achieving this... the management finally adopted and encouraged all staff to hone their English language skill. As a result, I helped teach few Staff English language outside of work... I don't know but I think something like this will be better.
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Sep 10, 2019   #3
I believe that your experience working in the bank and N.G.O have so much untapped potential. When refined you might not need to mention your high school experience

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