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Why I choose the Master of Science in Public Health program at XXXX University - personal statement

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Oct 8, 2018   #1

personal statement for Masters in Public Health

Three years ago, my family members gathered around me on the living room of my uncle's house to say goodbye as I was about to leave Malawi for the U.S to pursue my studies at XXXXX University. None of family members had ever left the village for the city life so seeing me embarking on a such adventurous journey was both emotional and surreal to them. When everyone had finished wishing me a good luck, my uncle, with some hesitation said one sentence that would change my life forever. "James, Aids is real, and we have lost a lot of people to HIV and AIDS in this family already, be careful wherever you go". Not what I expected to hear especially on this particular day when I was about to board a plane for the first time in my life. I was both shocked and angered. I had lost a lot of family members to unknown illnesses.

I just didn't believe HIV/AIDS would someday claim the lives of the people so close to me. The lack of awareness campaign, stigmatization of the HIV/AIDs victims and an absence of HIV/AIDS Testing and Counseling services in our community due to its remote location made it almost impossible to imagine how close it was to contact HIV/AIDS. The closest I had gotten to learn about HIV and AIDS just like most of teenagers in my community was in primary school. People died at an increasing rate not only in my family but the whole village. Number of orphans and orphanages increased at rapid pace too. Of course, nobody questioned. The cause of the death would always be "witchcraft". Yes, I know this is 21th Century may people in the western world would never believe there is a such a thing as witchcraft, where someone can choose to end your life magically if they choose to but when you are born in environment that has been completely separated from the rest of the world due to its geographical location, poverty and lack of education the way of life becomes unconventional.

As I was boarding the plane on that afternoon, a lot of questions lingered my mind. I imagined how many people would have been alive if there was an open discussions and awareness on HIV/AIDS and safe sex. I wondered if we would have the increasing number of orphan and orphanages if there was an equal distribution of quality healthcare services regardless of age, gender and geographical setting and economical status.

It is with this misfortune experience that I developed a profound passion for public health education. I envision a world where all people have equal access to quality healthcare and realize their potential for a healthy and productive life. I believe that the pathway to achieving this visionary goal lies in strengthening health systems for marginalized and undeserved communities facing both a high burden of HIV/AIDS, TB and unequal access to healthcare services. I also believe that getting a Master of Science in Public Health is one step to realizing my vision of achieving HIV-free generation in my country. Through the rigorous course work in the public health program I believe that I will acquire knowledge and skills that will enable me to become a public health researcher and an educator who will spearhead fact-based researches and practices on health equity that will inform the implementation of the effective policies in healthcare delivery in Malawi. I will seek to use my platform as a public health educator to bring about open and health discussion on topics such as LGBTQ and safe sex, topics that are frowned upon in our conservative country. I believe that incorporating LGBTQ and safe sex topics in healthcare will help to bring about policy changes or implementation of new policies that will ensure equal distribution of healthcare services regardless of one's sexual orientation, economic status and geographical location.

Throughout my undergraduate program, I have been able to take courses that has given me strong conceptual, analytical and quantitative skills which I am sure will be helpful in my success within the Master of Science in Public Health program and I am confident that I am the best fit for this program. I believe I will bring a lot to the class discussions, research, and case studies. My contribution will continue to increase the ever-growing diversity of discussions and widen the scope of research and practical consideration in MScPH program at XXXXX University.

There are several reasons why of all schools I choose the Master of Science in Public Health program at XXXX University. Firstly, I think Public Health program at XXXX University sets itself apart from other Public Health graduate programs with its inclusion of the practicum into the program's curriculum which allows the students to work on public health-related projects with different organizations not only in Canada but even the countries that are as far as Africa; this gives the program a global feel to it and relevance in training global leaders in public health that will be capable of solving and combatting emerging health threats such as Ebola and Zika virus. Lastly, I like how diverse and inclusive the MScPH program at XXXX University is. As an international student I believe that not only will the MScPH program at XXXX University equip me with valuable knowledge and professional networking to change the world, but it will also give me the sense of belonging while I am studying there.
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Oct 8, 2018   #2
"how close it was to contact" I think you meant contract.
You seem to have forgotten to use articles in some sentences: "just like most of the teenagers" The Number of ... at a rapid pace too," "born in an environment" I added in bold whats missing. You should revise your personal statement since it has many grammatical mistakes. To save yourself some work and time just use Microsoft Word or Grammarly.
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Oct 8, 2018   #3
Thanks @ Paulscs for the feedback

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