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Civil Engineering Statement of Purpose (King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals)

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Sep 13, 2019   #1

academic career at KFUPM - sop

Below is the statement of purpose for my application into the master's program in civil engineering (transportation engineering option) at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals. Constructive comments will be greatly appreciated.

As a young college student who grew up in a semi urban settlement in South-Western Nigeria, my firsthand witness of a motorcycle-car collision at a road intersection ignited a novel drive in me - the need to address the prevalent incidences of motorcycle-related accidents on the highway. However, the desire to proffer solutions to the parlous state of motorcycle traffic management in my home country was not the only factor which influenced my decision for an MSc. in civil engineering (with specialization in transportation engineering) but also the aspiration to be at the frontiers of excellence in the civil engineering field.

My undergraduate program in Civil Engineering was a richly rewarding experience; I acquired a wealth of research and industrial experience. For my industrial experience, I underwent an industrial training as an engineering intern on a road dualization project at the Ministry of Works and Transport in Osun state. Furthermore, in the ultimate year of my undergraduate program, I investigated into the factors affecting motorcycle ownership, and developed a mathematical model expressing the ownership behavior. The core significance of this study is that it is useful in the development of effective motorcycle-related policies for motorcycle traffic management.

When presented with the choice on where to have a postgraduate study, a few criteria came to my mind such as high-quality learning, world-leading, cutting-edge research, renowned expertise, and most importantly a sound curricula. Since King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) meet all these criteria, it is among the best places for me to further my study. Also, with its highly qualified faculty members and state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, which are requisites for purposeful research in the civil engineering field, I believe my goals are achievable. A chance at the much-coveted position for graduate studies will no doubt provide me with boundless opportunities towards my quest - personal development and a better world.

During my master's program at KFUPM, I intend to conduct research in the area of advanced computational methods in modelling. I am highly interested in developing an advanced model with more accuracy in predicting future motorcycle ownerships. This model will be invaluable in the management of existing motorcycle traffic policies, thus mitigating motorcycle accidents on the highway. I have perused the publication of Dr. Nedal Taisir Al-Ratrout of the department of civil engineering at KFUPM on " A Review of Mode Choice Modelling Techniques for Intra City and Border Transport" I am fascinated by his research and I will like to work under his supervision when granted admission.

Conclusively, I have a strong desire to create a conducive and comfortable environment for people to live in, and to improve the everyday lives of people. I believe that I have the zeal in civil engineering that makes me a suitable candidate, and I look forward to commencing an exciting academic career at KFUPM.
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Sep 15, 2019   #2
Hi there. Thanks for your continuous patronizing! I hope that all of the feedback you've received so far has been beneficial for your writing endeavors.

Like what I consistently mention to people, there are two important facets to bear in mind when you are writing these types of essays: precision and showcase of passion for the field.

For the first portion, I find that you need to focus more on quantifying your qualifications. While it was great that you had placed a lot of descriptors and adjectives for certain portions to be considered, you have to try and balance your writing with more precision. Try to focus on truly detailing your qualifications. This is critical as it will further dictate how your writing will be perceived in the long-run.

In the latter portions, I suggest that you try to keep your passionate side in a more compartmentalized and organized manner. Leave all of the dramatization of your passion for the field for the conclusive remarks. Try to explain first your credentials for the field before proceeding to explaining any other detail.

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