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"civil servant parents" + "complex concepts and learning" - my Application

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Sep 11, 2011   #1
Hi my name is Andi from Indonesia, I'm looking for your kindness help me to proof read my paper and make any suggestions for my application form

21. Briefly describe your personal history and daily activities, including interaction with your family members and community.
I grew up in the middle class economy family. Both of my parents are civil servant. I am 3rd child of my family. I have two old brothers who is working as civil servant too and married, one young brother who is doing his internship as medical doctor, two young sister both of them still studying in a college and senior high school. We are happy family and live in adequate. I love sharing my knowledge and experience with my brother and sister. I always try to be a good role model for my young brother and sister. I joined some organisations at age of eleven, such as Primary School Red Cross, Boy Scouts, Badminton Club, Writing Class when I was in Junior and senior high school also joining science competition at that time. When I was in first year as a college student, I was involved in volunteer services related to education service and health promotion in the local community. I actively joined in extra-curricular activities when I was in college. I became the service leader of the Education unit and organized my first community project in the local area. I also become volunteer with my senior to do health counseling in rural area such as breast feeding counseling, Healthy Life Pattern Guidance etc. Now, I'm working as a Outsourcing Staff, an Outreach Manager in NGO, and an Junior Instructor and translator in Private English Course. It's so hectic when doing some task in the same time, but it's so challenging for me.

22. Briefly describe significant factors that have influenced your educational and professional development. What challenges have you overcome in pursuit of your professional development? Describe the challenges as well as any insights, perspectives or skills you gained in overcoming them.

Through Working as a staff, as an Outreach Manager, and Junior Instructor, I used to have problems with attention and concentration in the first month, I repeatedly loose context distracted by insignificant stimuli, I have awkward memory and often completely forget things I heard a second ago. But I feel that by doing this activity the obvious advantage of being multitasking person is I am able to simultaneously perceive and process more information that non-multitasking person. I obviously need to search in the areas that require processing of large amounts of perception. In my view, multitasking might give lots of benefits on subconscious-level information processing, performing complex activities in background, analytical thinking, comprehending complex concepts and learning.

What I do to solve this problem is set priority by making ranking system or create way of prioritizing action items, just like the Urgent/Important activity matrix originally developed by time and organizational management guru, Stephen Covey. I start to do the important and urgent tasks which are meet my important commitment and deal with critical issues as they arise such as developing some proposals, designing activity for eye camp, assisting my boss for arranging his schedule, teaching in my course institution etc, then plan to do next tasks which are important but not urgent like reading Grammar/TOEFL preparation/motivational and self development books, preparing teaching materials or test etc, in this step I set my goals up in order to get ultimate success. For not important but urgent things like listing grades and tasks of the students, sending student grades to their faculty, checking emails etc, I have to manage these activities by cutting them short, rejecting request and avoiding them while doing important tasks. The things like chatting on internet, watching movies, reading articles, swimming, playing badminton which are not really important and not urgent, I avoid doing these activities and distractions all together but I can do it in my leisure time at least in the weekend. I believe by concentrating on the results I can give priority to all my tasks and activities that give the biggest return for me without pushing away the process indeed.

23. Briefly describe your previous community service activities.
When I was in 5th Semester, I joined in Honobono foundation. In that foundation become a chief of education division. I led the 3 month project with various activities. The project aim was to increase awareness the important thing of being educated and creative person. My friends and I Taught them not only school lesson, mathematics, science, English etc. but made handicraft from used stuff as well. Class starting in the afternoon, which is held inside the class sometimes outside the class, in Honobono Learning House. We faced various characteristics of students, most of them are primary school student who didn't continue their school because various reason. Most of them are lacked of motivation and they cannot afford school payment at that time (2009). We shared our experience, created pleasant study sphere, and gave them reward and educated "punishment" at the evaluation moment. It was challenging but rewarding. The most interesting part of all was to think of ways to deliver the message to the children. We got their attention through different activities and I believe they have also taken the message at home.

Now I worked an Outreach Manager in Blindness Prevention Workgroup Through volunteer work I involved in, I've had a chance to interact with people of different age groups and from different social backgrounds. More...

24. Briefly describe your academic plans. What discipline or academic field do you plan to study? Do you plan to conduct specific research during your study?

Throughout my time at the University studying Nutrition, I learnt how diet and behavioral factors like lifestyle choices can affect ones health and quality of life. Health promotion and campaigns provides everyone the knowledge to improve health and health outcomes such as disease prevention, life expectancy and quality of life.

25. If you have any particular research interests, briefly describe the title and summary of the research.

26. Briefly describe your professional goals and how they are related to major social issues or problems in your country or region. Baca leaflet...

The implementation of a public health system is often considered relatively unimportant compared to economic development. Development of public health is not only restricted by lack of understanding by the policy maker and also limited by lack of sizable pool of professional practitioners. Based on world bank report in 2010, Indonesia has achieved high rates of vitamin A supplementation: 86% of children 6-59 months of age receive the recommended two doses of vitamin A six months apart, 37% of children under the age five are stunted, 18% are underweight, and 14% wasted, 1 in 10 infant are born with a low birth weight, I hope one day I can join other trained health workers to promote health care and disease prevention so more lives can be saved.

My past working experience has been concentrated in managing, volunteering, and teaching. It has given me a basic grounding in community involvement, planning and implementing in society. Master of Public Health Program in XXX University with concentration in nutrition will enable me to gain a comprehensive understanding of public health practice and concept of public policy. I hope through taking part in the MPH program, I firmly believe a MPH degree will enable me to gain insight into public health which will allow me to participate in addressing healthcare concerns and needs base upon my study field in nutrition and provide people from a disadvantaged background to fairer chance of getting health information and access to health services
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Sep 17, 2011   #2
Big thanks Susan for proof reading my essay, I realy apreciate it. I love this forum really useful for students

It's so hectic when doing the same task in the same time, but it's so challenging for me.

It's so hectic when doing some tasks in the same time, but it's so challenging for me <---I mean this

I obviously need to search in the areas that require processing of large amounts of perception.

this one I mean that sometimes i try so hard get conscious doing something more regular when some tasks come up at one time
please add some more correction if it require.

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