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"Cloud computing" - it belongs to the area of my interests - SOP essay

Poonam Nikam 1 / -  
Dec 26, 2016   #1
Please review my SOP for Software Engineering with specialization in Cloud computing applying to USA -

500 words is a SOP limit. How would I reduce the size and make it effective too (having 546 words)

"Cloud computing"

The Cloud, one of the best testimonies of the transformation in 21st century. Ardor for specialized learning took me to the higher level of education. During my M.Sc. I.T program (2 years-course) I acquainted myself with current hot topic in IT like Cloud computing and management. This subject enthralled my interest to secure top score and stood 2nd in the final year. I was also indulged into extra activities during my 2 years of course; I was an active volunteer in UGC approved 2-days National Conference titled "Research in IT: Exploring the Technology Horizon" in 2013-14 and "Research in IT: Understanding Cyber World" in 2014-2015 organized by my college, 'Patkar-Varde College' and won the prize in the competition. Distributed systems, Virtualization, Cloud management, Cloud security these topics covered in the conference gave me an insight about the horizons of arising technology with the logical conclusion about the importance of security in the cyber world. Fascination about cloud-related technologies galvanizes me to pursue MS in Software Engineering program from your esteemed university and would help me to become a part of this evolution.

I was utterly amazed by the wonders of computers and being eminent in the 21st century, emergence of information technology era, stimulated me to elect Information and Technology as a career. I familiarized with the subjects like Network security, DBMS, Data warehousing, Web programming, with programming languages such as C, C++, Asp.net with C#, SQL, PL SQL, OOPS during B.Sc.I.T- (3 year's course). In final year, I implemented my technical skills by successfully deploying "Online Banking System" project. The system was aimed to enable the customers to access bank accounts via internet securely. I developed that web system using Asp .net framework with C# language to build GUI and Microsoft SQL server at the back-end, to store and retrieve data. This project reinforced my understanding of database management; SQL Server was used as storage for tracking records using OLAP queries.

During M.Sc.I.T program, I got an opportunity to explore thriving technologies such as Big-data and Hadoop, Data mining, Internet of Things, Ethical Hacking, Computer forensics, Artificial intelligence, ES, Advanced DBMS. These courses including lab experience has given me comprehensive exposure as well as alleviated my practical knowledge of Cloud. Also, I was a topper in my area of interest, "Cloud computing". I applied accumulated knowledge to accomplish final year project "Cell phone based door opening system"; objective was to unlock the door by a mobile phone using a unique password entered through the keypad of the phone, which was executed using embedded C language.

Later, I got recruited at Capgemini Pvt.Ltd in 2015, was among very few students got this latitude. I developed objects using MVC programming model in SAP (provides common corporate database for wide range of applications) as-per client specification. Principal role was to collect the tremendous data, perform analytics then executing the queries to deliver the expected task. I also worked with SAP-HANA Cloud platform (offered as Cloud on premise) to build certain objects. I had also participated in the dance competition for the annual event of Capgemini (Jashn).

My inclination towards latest technologies with the research and hands-on experience in-depth would definitely assist me to reach pinnacle of success by fulfilling my goals in the specialization at your eminent university.

lalodhi 3 / 1  
Dec 26, 2016   #2
@Poonam Nikam
the higherthe highest
years ofyears, of
pinnaclethe pinnacle, a pinnacle, pinnacles

MVC programming modelthe MVC programming model, an MVC programming model
common corporate databasea common corporate database
wide rangea wide range
Try to use more transitional phrases

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