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Combination of Mechanical, Electrical and Material sciences makes the study enticing and challenging

krishnapriya 1 / -  
Oct 29, 2015   #1
Statement Of Purpose
Automotive technology is one of the most challenging, demanding, exigent and comprehensive fields of engineering technology. It is one of the most exciting interdisciplinary programs one can choose from. It is combination of three branches i.e. Mechanical, Electrical and Material sciences. The combination is what makes the study more enticing and challenging. My passion towards research on the reported environmental issues due to automobiles and their emissions made me to choose this discipline of Automotive Engineering in my under graduation. I hail from India which is the major contributor of the pollutants which is the main cause for the climatic differences and many health issues. I felt that Engineering would be the area, which would give me the opportunity to learn and explore how the basic fundamentals of science are practically applied to create technology for real purposes. I took the initial step to become an engineer by securing 86.16% in my SSC and 83.4% in higher secondary education. Am bordering on an overall aggregate of 73% till date in my engineering. I am currently pursuing my 7th semester and in the final semester of my undergraduate studies I will have to do a five month intern programme in which I have to undertake a project as well as gain hands on industrial experience. My areas of interest are optimization of engine design and electrification of the vehicles which greatly reduce the emissions.

As a result, experiences during my undergraduate years and my fondness for the auto sector amplified substantially, which made me do more ground work in the field of IC engines (to enhance the performance of the engine and reduce the emissions). I have done a project titled "Three wheeled electric tri-cycle" in my 6th semester of my undergraduate studies. It is a self balancing electric vehicle powered by a battery. The vehicle works on brushless DC motor and 12V battery. The vehicle can be used for internal transport in various organizations, industry parks, factories, universities, hospitals, laboratories etc. It can be designed and modified such that the vehicle can be used by the handicapped. It is a zero emission vehicle.

I read research papers, publications published in SAE.org and auto magazines like AUTOCAR to keep myself updated on the research going on. SAE international gives information about the recent trends and the technologies. The internal-combustion engine will to continue to play a major role in providing the power required for running an automobile but the crisis of the fuels used and the emissions due to usage of these fuels is a major problem which requires a wide research to be carried out in order to sort out the problems. My ongoing research is "how the electronics can be used for the exhaust system, how the emissions can be reduced using sensors and power electronics?" I am learning the basics involved in working of the sensors which is very vital for the research. I would like to continue my research in the above stated area. Reading the research from eminent researchers made my decision to choose your university a blink, with the state of the art facilities and efficient teachers to guide me. I also admire the intensity and depth of the subject matter in the courses offered at your university. The wide range research areas offered at the University is very stimulating. Also, the research carried out on design of automobiles, engines and the electrification of vehicles is appealing.

Although my parents supported me in all the situations I received a limited financial assistance due to low family income. Am the first in the family to attend college. To reduce the burden on my family I took student loans for paying my tuitions and living expenses. As I am also having a younger sister who is attending college it would be hard for my parents to simultaneously support both of us financially. I would be truly happy if given a research assistantship or fellowship, as it would be take me one step closer to my goal and will allow me to focus more on my studies and research. If I can get a scholarship, I can commit myself to pursuing a career in the above stated research area.

My goal is to pursue my research interests in the field of automotive technology and make every effort to emerge as an active contributor to this discipline. I look forward to a challenging career in research which may even be arduous and demanding at times but I am confident that with my sincerity and dedication I will be able to contribute to the research. In summary, I am fully committed to a career in automotive sector. I sincerely hope I am considered by your esteemed institution to pursue my graduate studies and become a well trained and skilled professional. I am looking forward to a positive reply and hope to learn via facing challenges at the university.

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