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"to combine my masters into a dual degree." - Statement of purpose for architecture

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Nov 2, 2010   #1
If I try to recall, I've always wanted to be an architect, a designer, a scientist. An artist who conjures up lines with consequence and economy. My father is an artist and mother a science teacher, I was always destined to be this way. From early I had an inclination towards design. Be it my Mickey Mouse watch or my water bottle with flames on it. From the day I remember I have always appreciated design and wanted to associate it to my life. Architecture is an art. Every line we make has its meaning.

I have travelled all over India and while travelling I observed that the architecture of the place transforms people which the people evolve the architecture based on climate, culture and context. I've always wanted to research this, as how tradition shapes our development and approach to design. People engage with architecture.

To learn more, I went for my under grads in architecture from University of XXX. There I studied my basics of architectural drawing and graphics, some basic design, building construction and materials, building sciences and services like PHE and HVAC, theory of structures and design conceptualization. I my second year I participated in the Howard Roark design competition to design a structure to the heroic spirit of man. It was after working and winning this particular project that changed the entire education paradigm to research and design. I researched on Contemporary Indian art and its influence to architecture for my dissertation under the guidance of XXX. I realized that Indian architects are quick to implement the new world order, eager to appear creative and different, by copying even the most banal and mundane from the west. The design profession is likewise promoting sensationalism and 'the spectacular,' rather than good urban form and rich cultural past. Secondly, art is market driven. Its an investment in most cases rather than pure visual pleasure. While art collectors are minting millions, honest artists are still dying poor.

This propelled and fuelled me for an architectural thesis on 'Centre for interdisciplinary interaction and artisan village,' in the centre of the city. To give it shape I applied for internship under XXX, an architect in the capital having done similar urban development projects. While I was gaining my experience, he gave his insights into the architecture for the public. His Dilli Haat project in Delhi, influenced me to create a paradigm based on an artisan village and public interaction. He gave me ideas on urban development. After my thesis I was inducted into his design team, at XXX, for more urban development projects in a desire to learn more about architecture in the public realm. I worked on projects like India pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010, streetscaping of Delhi roads for Commonwealth Games 2010, infrastructure projects, Benaras riverfront, hotels, resorts, bungalows and palaces. Fulfilling the need to understand urban development. From the time I apply till I leave for the college, I would have finished work on Baroda Palace with design documentation, detailing of a palace and overseeing construction, being my first project.

Now I wish to complete research based post-graduation degree in Architecture to better my career assessment. Since I have undertaken a few documentation works I aspire to learn and to conduct research. To place things in order, structure and hierarchy. I wish to travel abroad and get more exposure for my masters. I think a global perspective will enrich my design skills and approach. Meeting new people, diversity in knowledge and content. To be able to learn from international people will give me comprehensive understanding. Work in US for a while and then take these learnings to newer locations; apply it in novel, interesting and innovative ways.

It is my dream to be the Principal of an architectural firm like Pradeep Sachdeva Design Associates where I can be in the power to change and achieve. To come back and practice what I learn and put fresh design ideas that help solve the problems of a developing nation. To be able to put order into the apparent chaos.

To fulfill such goals I wish to join XXX since it is ideally placed in an urban sprawl and gives me the opportunity to combine my masters into a dual degree. I wish to keep my architectural roots and learn further while at the same time grasp the theories and practices of urban design. Since I already have some experience in this field I think I'll be the ideal candidate for this course. I feel confident that I will be able to reach the zenith under the guidance of Dr. XXX and the faculty members like XXX and XXX. I seek financial aid in this attempt/endeavor which will come as a much appreciated assistance and propel me for this endeavor.

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