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Commercial Vehicle Technology Master of Science application at Technische Universität Kaiserslauter

Balakrish 1 / -  
May 8, 2018   #1

Letter of Motivation for Master's Program

I am writing this letter for my pursuit of Master of Science in Commercial Vehicle Technology offered at Technische Universität Kaiserslautern and also I would like to use this letter to express my motivation towards the graduate program.

I strongly believe the statement, that law and principles of science are governing the daily life of today's world. Engineering, thus, is the outcome of those scientific ideas that ease the people's life in numerous aspects. Owing to my exposure with automobiles and its technical advancements, I strongly motivated to be an integral part of the community for developing vehicles. Ever since my childhood, I have come across different types of vehicles that had made my travelling comfortable, by which I got to understand the need for varieties of vehicles and its technological endowments. Since, my technical knowledge on automobiles was like a grain of salt gained by carrying out the maintenance activities in my motorcycle, I decided to take my path towards engineering, in the branch of Mechanical, to acquire the core mechanical concepts.

As a result of my good academic records in Higher Secondary School, I was offered to do my Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical. My coursework paved the way to widen my knowledge in several mechanical subjects and availed me a good amount of exposure to theoretical and practical courses as well. I have excelled in the courses like Thermodynamics, Strength of Materials, Differential Equations, Fluid Mechanics, Dynamics of Machinery, Automobile Engineering, Advanced I.C Engines and Mechatronics, and secured second rank with my overall score in the department. Industrial visits during my studies gained me a close look at the application of mechanics and its related theories. Role of computers in the field of engineering is considerable, and to develop my computer skills I underwent courses in software packages like AutoCAD, CATIA and Solidworks, which helped me to learn various design aspects.

Adding proof and evident to my technical skills, I have completed two projects at the time of undergraduate program. The first project, "Hydraulic Motorized Jack" was an outcome of my knowledge in Kinematics of Machinery and Hydraulic concepts. The main objective was to reduce the manual load and time taken on Hydraulic Jack operation. The second was an industrial project carried out in an automotive sector, "Ashok Leyland". The master project "Design of Oil Supply System for Gearbox Testing" stands as an evident to my interest in Design, Manufacturing, Dynamics and Industrial Management, which aimed to increase the productivity and ultimately reducing the cost of the product. This project was well received both in the industry and the college, as a result of which I gained exposure to some profound research activities required to undertake complex projects.

Following my passion for automobiles and in the event of gaining practical experience, I started my career as "Technical Information Engineer" in "GGS Information Services Private Limited, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India". I was engaged in Mitsubishi project to prepare the technical content for technical manuals, through which I explored in depth about the technical concepts of ignition system, power transmission and drive system. Being a mechanical engineer and with the keenness for core industrial experience I worked as "Graduate Apprenticeship Trainee" in "Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Bangalore, Karnataka, India". My training period was one year (March 2016 - March 2017) through which I enhanced my potential in numerous fields like Fluid Mechanics, Gas Dynamics and Jet Propulsion, Sheet Metal, Manufacturing Technology, Non-Destructive Testing, Applied Hydraulics and Pneumatics and also gained experience in modelling and simulations in the software like NX(Unigraphics) and CATIA. On the completion of my technical training for a year, I joined "Varsha Precision Products, Bangalore, Karnataka, India" as "Quality Supervisor", since

April 2017. The company is responsible for performing machining operations in automobile components, where I am in responsible for performing the quality control process and monitoring the production practices.

Being a Mechanical Engineer, I wanted to gain exposure in recent developments. Though my undergraduate studies and professional experience laid me the platform to equip my skills, I could not expose and specialise myself to meet the current industrial world requirements and technical advancements. Therefore to broaden my knowledge and to become an expert in the automobile concepts, I feel the need for Graduate program in my path, to standardise my career in research.

On account of enhancing my technical skills and to match with the desired field of subjects, I wanted to follow my masters which provide an interdisciplinary approach in mechanical, electrical and computer systems. With my research over the course description provided on the website, I consider that Technische Universität Kaiserslautern stand as an excellent place of my study, mainly because of the curriculum which provides an extensive knowledge both in theory and practice, and also studying in a university with profound research activities is a logical choice. I firmly believe that courses like Principles of Commercial Vehicle Technology, Structural Analysis and Modelling, Product Lifecycle Management, Software Development for Commercial Vehicles, Control Engineering etc., would definitely equip me with specialised skills and shape me as the best fit for the current industrial world. I also found that the Graduate School Commercial Vehicle Technology is carrying out research activities within the university campus, which would aid me for the successful completion of my master thesis. Therefore, it would be a fortunate for me to complete my Master of Science in Commercial Vehicle Technology in a prestigious institution like yours. With a wide range of faculties, research centres, well-structured courses and industrial collaboration with top mechanical companies, I strongly affirm that I would make the best use of available resources and attain new heights in my life. I am aware that the program is bilingual (English, German) and international oriented, through which I can enhance my German technical vocabulary, as well as a chance to study with the people from different parts of the world, which would be advantageous for my future career.

While India being the country for my undergraduate studies it is always Germany that interested me when I wanted to explore new technical concepts in my master's program. This is because of the well-established educational system, multicultural society and advancements in mechanical engineering. Germany, being the home of modern cars, commercial vehicles and technical hub of the mechanical world, I find that the resources for carrying out my research activities are abundant and also would be the best place to have my career, therefore I choose to complete my master's in Germany. Though English had been the language with my professional and academic activities, I have also completed German A2 level, which would be beneficial in carrying out my daily activities, maintaining friendly relations with the people around and also to understand the cultural traditions of Germany.

Finally, I would like to admit that I am determined to make the most of this opportunity. I believe that the academic atmosphere in your university will not only benefit me in my career growth, but also would be the best place to explore my true potentials.

Thank you for considering my application and I look forward to your positive response.

Holt [Contributor] - / 7,485 1927  
May 9, 2018   #2
Balakrishnan, your letter is too autobiographical in content to be considered a motivational letter. A motivational letter is usually, no more than 5 paragraphs that explain your profession and academic reasons for requiring higher study. Your childhood experiences riding in various modes of transport, your undergraduate studies, and other irrelevant details do not belong in a motivational letter. There are only 3 questions you need to respond to in a motivational letter:

1. What is your current professional status that requires this higher study?
2. How will higher studies help you advance your career?
3. Why were you motivated to choose this university and this masters course to address your professional needs?

The last part of your essay that starts with "Being a Mechanical Engineer, I wanted to gain exposure in recent developments..." is a good place to start the revision. You may want to consider the above questions when you write your totally new motivational letter because, quite frankly, this current letter is all over the place and doesn't really focus on the motivational aspect of the requirement. Please do not use short cut terms such as "etc." in your letter. It is highly unprofessional and makes your writing sound extremely trivial and careless, even disinterested to a certain extent.

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