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After completing my Masters I intend in setting up my own consulting firm here in Nepal

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Dec 30, 2014   #1
Define your career goals as clearly as possible you can.Consider why you have choosen particular path you are now pursuing and make a list of your real reasons for doing so.What attracts you to this career?What do you hope to gain?

After completion B.E. in Civil Engineering, I have been working at M/S Civil Engineering Research and Consultancy P. Ltd. (CERC), as Civil Engineer.I enjoyed working in different roles assigned as Road Inventory Surveyor, Draftsperson,Quantity Surveyor and Design Engineer in different projects under the supervision of experienced Transportation Engineers, which helped me a lot not only to strengthen my technical knowledge and skills as I was exposed to different aspects of road infrastructure but also helped me to hone my communication skills to express my ideas persuasively and rationally.While woking I got opportunity to explore different rural areas of Nepal and I realized that road infrastructure, cheapest means of transportation in Nepal was the backbone for socio-economic development..The major challenge of Nepal is to provide adequate transportation infrastructure to remote settlements so as to support development activities focused on reducing poverty.Among south asian countries, Nepal has very low road density not only in terms of serving population but also in providing accessibility to various parts of the country. Out of seventy five districts, two districts headquarters are still to be linked with road connectivity.I hope that by choosing to do specialization in Transportation Engineering, I can contribute towards betterment of the living conditions of the people by working in designing safer roads for efficient, reliable and safe road connectivity.

I have research interest in Traffic operations and safety, which is an global issue of concern.Even UN have set a goal for the Decade of Action for Road Safety (2011-2020) to stabilize and reduce the increasing trend in road traffic accidents fatalities and casualties by saving estimated 5 millions lives over the period.Nepal despite having low road density in South Asia have high Road Traffic Accidents fatality rate per 10,000 vehicles, is also signatory to UN Global Action Plan Decade of Action for Road Safety have formulated a national target of 35% reduction in RTA over the period but lacks enough manpower.I candidly hope that the knowledge gained during the pursuit of this course, which I intend import to my country will help me address the above concerns.

After completing my Masters in Transportation Engineering I intend in setting up my own consulting firm here in Nepal with an aim to address the concerns of road safety.

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Dec 31, 2014   #2
You are stating too much, try adding creativity and past experience to the text. In your conclusion you repeated the first sentence of your essay change it up a bit.

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