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Computer Science master application - "why computer science is such an important field for me ?"

danseattle 1 / - 1  
Dec 24, 2016   #1

I want to enroll in a master program, and I am preparing the master application:
"why computer science is such an important field for me and how I have been influencing and impacting this space?"
Any feedback will be welcomed.

Thank you,

Two by Two

In the summer of 1992 I was in primary school, and I remember, one day, coming from school and meeting my uncle, a math professor, and he asked me to multiply 2 of 2-digit numbers. I did the math in my mind, and in no time I told him the result . The answer is correct he mentioned and asked me: "What is the methodology that you used?" I was confused by his question, but delighted by his enjoyable laugh at my bemused attitude. I was too young to realize that he and my father, both mathematics professors, were challenging me and tried to nurture inside me the passion for science, the eagerness of solving problems, to find answers, and to ask questions. As the time has passed, I found myself engulfed in problem solving for hours, and the only distraction from their intellectual challenge and pleasure was caused by dissembling the radio controlled cars, radios and television. Somehow, driven by extremely passionate curiosity, I manage to tear apart any existing electronic device from my house to study their circuits; but rarely I re-assembled them back, this being an uninteresting and tedious task for, I was engrossed only by the discovering.

The passion for math continued, and I attended the math classes during high school. Like in the childhood, in parallel, my intellectual curiosity was steered in a different direction; the physics classes magnetized my attention, the practicality of their problems was captivating. The college admission was an easy task, and I followed math. During the college, I discovered the computer science realm, and I enrolled to a set of credit mandatory classes. A powerful computer, which I received as present from my father, has helped me to fell in love with computer science. The practicality of software programs, and their instant results have being enlightening my career path. I continued to study math, but with the attainable goal to receive a double degree in math & computer science. In the third year I started my first internship program, in a company that later I decided to join for a full time position. This represented a point of no return to mathematics research, but, also, the direction for a successful computer science career.

The career in computer science has been thriving, I grew as a strong software engineer. I moved from the first company to a second company, joining the management team and being blessed to be led by great managers. The passion for computer science has been permeated my mind, and conquered me. The abstract thinking of my math background being combined with my eagerness for results and practical matters have been driving my life, career, personality and beyond.

The software development world is based on entwined development and release processes, and programming languages. However, at the foundation of them there are people, and not machines; and this world is almost forgotten, and it is a convoluted one. It is a socially pristine world in its nerdy roots, tangled by multicultural people whose communication skills, beyond their fluency in the programming language, is articulated by the movement of their hands in perfect synchronicity with their minds and in an aggrandize opposition with their lips and arbitrary English sounds. It is a world of young Bill Gates and Paul Allen. It is an inside world, not known to anyone, but one that influences us all. The deeper one dives in its inner circle, the largest is the grandeur one discovers. It is the world that influences anyone's commute to work, and optimizes everyone's schedule; it is the world that ships one's online bought groceries without a delay, and it's been developing self-breaking car; it's a world unknown to almost every outsider, but it's the world that everyone knows by a few buzzing names and words. This hidden world it's the computer science community, the Star Track team who's been impacting our world, like no one else in decades. It is the team whose audacity is fighting the research war against cancer cells, and, also, has developed social websites and Pokémon in order to improve their socialization skills. It is a world of anomalies, contradictions and oxymoron. It is a community that I joined years ago, and I proudly represent.

The computer science potential and fruition it's ubiquitous. It is the mark that every software engineers has helped craving in the history of the world. But we cannot be complacent with the current state of things, and we must strive for more. I stopped disassembling R/C cars, and I stopped writing code every day, because my contribution has moved further. I have been taking the driver seat, and I have been leading teams, projects and building the new generation of engineers like I was bygone. I had the opportunity several million dollar annual budget, and teams of 50+ engineers. I drove full software development release cycles, with on-cloud and on-prem releases. The software that I contributing has touched 100 million consumers, and has been driving from multi-million revenues to humanitarian scopes. In hindsight, I've been one of the luckiest in the field of computer science, and the details resides in the recommendation letter and resume.

The Computer Science Master program that is part of your University contains a large set of leadership, and management classes in its curriculum. Given my background, I would like to enroll into the Master program at your University. My eagerness to learn, and to discover, combined with the research programs that are present in your University, I think that will provide a great opportunity to generate a large impact in my future career.

I am looking forward to a favorable consideration of my application.

Yours sincerely,
D Mike

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,301 3343  
Dec 24, 2016   #2
Dan, there is too much focus and concentration on the discussion of the development of your love for math. It takes up at least 75% of the page. Why is that? The actual discussion, as required by this essay focuses on the importance of computer science to you as a field of interest and study. Would it be possible for you to instead, focus the essay on how the mandatory computer classes resulted in the development of your interest in the field of computer science instead? That is what the reviewer will be expecting to read within your response. We need to get a better feel of why this field took over math as an important field for your professional career and why you feel that you should pursue higher studies in this arena. Think about where you see your career headed in the future.

The best way to portray the kind of influence and impact that you can have in computer science is if you can justify the current work that you are doing, be it software development, research, or artificial intelligence development, in relation to the future of our society. What kind of innovation do you feel you can contribute to the field based upon your previous and current work or research experience ? It is by presenting a clear plan for your future that you can accurately describe why you feel that this field is of high importance to you and is the reason why you feel that you require further, more advanced studies and experience on the topic.

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