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'conservation of resources' - Statement of Purpose for MS Industrial Engineering

abhikuravi 1 / 5  
Oct 29, 2011   #1

"Nothing endures but change". Heraclitus has sealed a great verity in this quote of his. The world demands continual evolution in all spheres of life, and so it is of paramount importance to consider refinements not only in consumer and business circles, but essentially at the crux of it all: the factory. This is possible through process planning and operations research, which are the main reasons as to why I am considering a Masters in Industrial Engineering.

Today, conservation of resources in any form is manifested into a benefit to the society. Considering that production costs and time are valued resources, I sought to reduce their consumption and found a means to do so through Industrial Engineering principles. I believed that a Bachelors in Production Engineering would provide the right impetus towards this concern, particularly one procured at Velammal Engineering College, affiliated to and ranked 3rd under the reputed Anna University. My under graduate course provided me the optimal dose of theory and practical exposure. Ranking sixth in the department with a CGPA of 8.57 on a scale of 10, I was able to find my calling in core subjects like operations research & process planning which kindled my passion to venture beyond the curriculum.

Besides my curriculum, I had undergone an internship program at the Royal Enfield Company where my interest in the field of operations research helped me make an appreciable contribution to the company. I dealt with the quality analysis of motorcycles and finding defects in the static condition. Working in the assembly section of the factory, I was able to apply and learn more about operations like sequencing and scheduling, and thereby grasp their relevance to the industry. My desire to pursue Industrial Engineering was further driven by visits to industries like Ashok Leyland, where I was rapt by the various activities taking place in the industry with utmost coordination among the departments. As another step towards my passion, I am currently pursuing my final year research project on Operations Research at the Integral Coach Factory, a premier production unit of Indian Railways that manufactures railway coaches.

Furthermore, I have also worked on projects from automobile engineering. I am a part of my college team for the SAE-BAJA 2012 event, conducted by SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers). This is a worldwide competition inviting students from all colleges to build a complete all-terrain vehicle (ATV) from scratch. Our team's vehicle design was highly commended and selected among 250 teams to make it to the final round comprising of 100 teams. I designed the steering system and additionally, an assembly conveyor line for the ATV using Manufacturing Engineering concepts. This gave me the valuable experience of designing a product from the core fundamentals involved, and cardinally, the essence of working as a team. As part of my syllabus, I have designed and fabricated an Electric Bicycle, which runs completely on electricity at a speed of 16 miles/hr, and with which I was able to satiate my desire to build an eco-friendly bike.

I have also been an active member of various academic clubs and societies like Indian Institute of Production Engineers (IIPE), SAE and the college Math Club, where I got to participate in and organize many technical events such as Aeromodelling, Business Planning, Math workshops etc. Likewise, I was a coordinator for my department's national level technical symposium. These co-curricular activities helped in molding my personality, and brought out the administrative skills in me. Besides my academic interests, I like to indulge in extra-curricular activities like playing the guitar, soccer, reading books. I am also an active participant in blood donation camps.

Recognizing the potential in the knowledge of this field to pave avenues for industry growth, I made it a point to upgrade and refine my learning. I believe that a Master's degree along with postgraduate research would be able to gratify this interest by providing specialization to my expertise, helping me in the pursuit of my long term goal of becoming a Project Head in the R & D department of a global automobile/manufacturing firm and guide me to latent means for innovation. These could help make a contribution to the society, through advancement of manufacturing procedures, consequently reducing production time and costs incurred.

Towards this interest, I believe that the School of Industrial & Systems Engineering at __________ with its pioneering research in areas like Supply Chain Management, Production Scheduling and Inventory Management will cater to my interests and be instrumental in chalking out the right path towards achieving my goal of undertaking independent research in my chosen domain. Additionally, the presence of cutting edge technology and a favorable learning atmosphere are two features of the University that I particularly find strongly appealing. Further bolstering my decision are the works of professors __________ related to _________ which perfectly align with my interests. and am confident that my industry related experience, personal traits such as inquisitiveness, team management and passion towards my goal render me a strong candidate for a Master's degree in Industrial Engineering.
Rashad 3 / 8  
Oct 31, 2011   #2
provided me the optimal dose ------ provided me with the optimal dose
and am confident ---- I am confident
***You have a lot of grammar errors, I think you should revise it. moreover add some color to paragraphs.
Good Luck.!!!:)
OP abhikuravi 1 / 5  
Nov 1, 2011   #3
thanks a lot...by colour, you mean highlights or bolded statements in the paragraphs right?...and besides the grammar errors, the content is fine right?
OP abhikuravi 1 / 5  
Nov 4, 2011   #4
thanks a lot, any tips on the first paragraph,,,how does it seem?...
Rajiv 55 / 400  
Nov 5, 2011   #5
It is really pleasing to see an essay so well written without having lived in US or other 'first-world' countries. I hope the evaluators feel similarly about the quality of your writing. They should. Good luck, and go for it !!
OP abhikuravi 1 / 5  
Nov 6, 2011   #6
@Rajiv: thanks a million...:),,,, just a doubt,is it ok to use a quote to start the SOP?
Rajiv 55 / 400  
Nov 7, 2011   #7
One can tell you've taken pains to say what you want in each sentence. It may not be the simplest way of saying it, but those skills will come only when you've lived a while in English speaking countries. You will learn them, is certain seeing the effort you're making here.

Much better to put across your own work, than for someone to write it in the native-English. Expect it to be read for what it is; with an appreciation of the additional flavor of the country of its origin.
OP abhikuravi 1 / 5  
Nov 7, 2011   #8
thanks a lot Rajiv...that gives me a great confidence boost...

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