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'contributions to the fied'- past achievements are important for the future achievers

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Aug 29, 2012   #1
Why past achievements are important for the future achievers

Often, people who are exhalted as maverick artists, scientists or giants in other fields have risen to the position they are today because the past achievements in their respective fields made a tremendous impact on them. This influence could have occured during their childhood and were drawn tio that particular field or it might have occured once they chose the area and started working on it.

Great scientists, musicians, artists etc, act as rolemodels in certain childrens lives. Autobiographies and anecdotes regarding the lives of famous people often shape the way of thinking of individuals at a tender age, and thus determine the pathway such children would take in later life. For example, the famous small animal surgeon Dr. Nick determined to be a veterinarian after readinig the autobiographical works of James Herriot. Thus, hero worship is beneficial because it helps a youngster aim high in life, so that in the future, he or she would be a monumental figure in the particular field.

Past achievements not only do help potential achievers to enter a field, but also influence them to work harder and obtain much more impressive results. Consider the production of penicillin. Alexander Fleming made the discovery of the miraculous drug, and influenced by thisgiant discovery, many others worked tirelesslyto purify it, make it available in a variety of pharmacological dosage forms, and to bring it to its life saving drug status it is today. This discovery has lead to the discovery of a myriad of other natural and sythetic antibiotics.

Moreover, the past achievements also guide the followers of the field in the correct pathway, and help them continue unerringly. Gregor Mendal, the father of Genetics, recorded his acievements, but also his fallacies have enlightened the others, making modern genetics one of the leading scientific research fields at present.

Thus it is evedent that the previous achievements of a field has a considerable impact on the present and future, making it impossible for people tomake significant contributions to the field of endeavour without being influenced in such a manner.

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