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Data Science playing a key role in changing the world - SOP essay

faten91 1 / -  
Jul 31, 2020   #1

Statement of Purpose for Master Degree in Data Science

Data Science playing a key role in changing the world by transforming raw data into valuable information in various industries and I would like to leverage this in HR field. That is why I am motivated to complete my graduate studies after gaining professional experience in the field. I'm always interested to learn new ways of analysis and handling of data from multiple sources and for various application in order to draw result from it. Being exposed to big data analysis considered to be valuable for my future career path.

I earned my BSc degree in Management Information System from Jubail University College. This program was my first step towards understanding Database Management Systems and gave me a foundation of knowledge in Data Structures and programming languages like C++ and Java. My journey to the professional life started in Sep-2014 at Samsung Engineering Saudi Arabia. I used to design and manage SQL databases. And I successfully built an interactive dashboard data management tool to track, analyze, and display training progress, allowing users to interact, make data-driven decisions, and specify needs.

Through my 5.4 years of experience as HR Analyst, I have gained practical experience and abilities in many disciplines, such as the ability to performe visual and statistical analysis on data using Python. My academic study helped me to develop and design a set of KPIs using PL/SQL and Excel to evaluate and improve the employees' performance.

To dive deeper into data analytics, I completed two nano degree courses one in Business Analytics and the second in Predictive Analysis in 2019. As a part of the courses, I worked to tackle a range of business problems using data from statics and spreadsheets, SQL and tableue. I learned a wide range of business metrics and how to build financial forecasting. I acquired extensive knowledge of data wrangling, classification models, A/B testing, time series forecasting, segmentation and clustering using Alteryx.

After program completion I will have massive knowledge of machine deep learning topics and big data analysis, to move to the next step in my professional development. Your master program of data science is integral to my goals and commensurate with the digital future and 2030 vision. And I greatly appreciate your consideration of my application.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,102 3259  
Aug 1, 2020   #2
Are you responding to a specific statement of purpose prompt or not? If you are responding to a prompt, then you should have included it in your posting. The reason I would like to know this information is because your SOP is not formatted in the normal manner. It is as if you are putting forth specific information as required by a discussion instruction rather than you writing a purpose statement based on a personal reason.

The essay itself does not relay any specific and vast indication of the purpose for your application. You need to show an interest in applying this masters course in your specific field of work, indicate how it will be applied, and why you think it has to be applied. After that, you can discuss your undergraduate foundation in relation to the educational requirements of the masters course. You must also provide specific professional instances when your current position has required you to use this type of training to prove that the purpose of your interest is profession related. It is not enough to simply say that you "want to leverage this in HR field". What kind of leverage are you talking about? Why should it matter to the reviewer? How does this relate to your 5 year career plan? Your essay lacks specifics in terms of purpose. Work on providing greater details in relation to the immediate and future purpose of your studies based on your career requirements.

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