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I decided to study in Canada. Review my Study plan for Study permit

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Apr 12, 2017   #1

Canada - best place to live and to study

What is your overall educational goal?

After MS degree with thesis in the field of Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory, my only one goal is to seal a PhD program in similar filed, I already promise to my supervisor Dr. Pawel Gora to continue PhD program under his supervision. The research in the field of Ergodic Theory is very new, the very delighting and demanding. Few professors all over the word working on it, luckily my supervisor is one of the few people. So I am very excited to meet with him. After my PhD I have a plan to be a teacher of Pabna University of Science and Technology, Also, planning to establish a privet research institute in my home town on my Father land as his dream.

Why are you not pursuing a similar program in your country of residence or citizenship?

Montreal is the best place for student and study. Concordia University is a well known institute to study Mathematics all over the world. The graduate program offers degree in 6 attractive fields of Mathematics. Students may take any course what he/she really want to study.

In Bangladesh, MS education is almost course work category . MS with Thesis is not very common here. Also thesis and research facilities in the field of Mathematics is very poor. In Concordia University, I have to finish 45 credits in a 2 years program where 27 credits for Thesis, On the other hand, In Bangladeshi University, MS program is a 1 year program, only 6 credits for thesis and 5 course works.

I will research in the field of Dynamical Systems a very challenging field of modern Applied mathematics with Dr. Powel Gora, a full professor of Concordia university, who has been working in this field since 1981. I am very lucky that I have gotten a expert supervisor like him. In Contrary, there are no expert and active researcher in Bangladesh in the field of Dynamical Systems.

Most exceptional thing is, Concodia University is the only one university of all over the world, who offers MS in Mathematics program in Dynmical systems, which is a perfect fit with my dream.

How will this program enhance your employment opportunities in your country of residence or citizenship?

In Bangladesh there are around 139 public and privet universities in Bangladesh. Teacher with a PhD in Mathematis is very rare to get. All of those positions are empty for lacking of PhDs. So a successful PhD from Canada will enhance my chance to grab a lucrative faculty position in any university in Bangladesh easily. Even, the most famous university in Bangladesh have not enough mathematics faculties with a PhD degree.

Now a days, A lot of privet and public power stations are building in Bangladesh, with a big nuclear power station in my home state. The application of dynamical systems research in power and energy are huge and uncountable. So I may get a good job in one of those power plant easily. Also may work as a consultant beside my academic job.

What ties do you have to your country of residence or citizenship?

We are 2 brother and 1 sister. I am the oldest one. My only one sister do not live with us and brother is mentally disabled by birth. So I am the only one child to take care of my family and properties. My father have a sound amount of properties and near future after his retirement he has a plan to run a agriculture based business in our own land, He wants me to take care of his business with him. Family is my first priority. I came back from USA after only 9 months for my mother two major eye surgery.

I am a co-founder of a 8 years old Educational Organization named MACS ( Mutual Academy for Care Studies ), a organization to help the rural students. Now we are operating a non-profitable School and Collage, where around 600 rural students are studying and 68 peoples are working. Now I am working as a senior teacher of Collage Mathematics and the head of fund collector from sponsors. Our next plan to establish a science and engineering institute to offer diploma degree within 2025. I will be in the leading roll there, so need a higher degree and the organization approved me 6 years education leave (M.Sc. & PhD) till 2023.

In Bangladesh, very lucrative academic and industrial jobs are looking for Mathematics PhD's. So, Getting a good job will not be a challenging thing. I will come back to Bangladesh after my degree and live with my parents to take care of them. Beside this, I will concentrate to improve our organization as well.
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Apr 12, 2017   #2
its nice but u should say : i hve a brother and a sister not
We are 2 brother and 1 sister
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Apr 13, 2017   #3
Your response to the top most prompt is incorrect and not applicable. You are being asked to explain why you wish to study in Canada, based upon your college major / studies. It is not asking you what government and tourism policies Canada has that makes you want to study there. That is irrelevant. The proper answer, requires you to think about the future of Mathematics and Mathematicians in general and how completing a masters degree in Canada will be beneficial to your success in that field. There is nothing in your response that relates to your actual academic interests. A reference must be made to your plans of research, mathematical training, internships, study programs, and other similar interests in your essay. These are the topics of focus for your response. Not the useless response that you have written at the moment.

Hafizur, normally, I would be able to advice you on up to 3 of your short posts in a single thread. It is too bad that you posted more than 3 short responses in this thread because now, I will be forced to respond to only one post and that will be your top most posting. If you wish to have your responses properly reviewed, you will need to post each essay as a separate thread. Sorry about that, those are the rules of the forum admin.

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