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My decision to pursue Graduation in Computer Science - Statement of Purpose

Kranthi Kumar 1 / 1  
Sep 5, 2019   #1

Statement of Purpose - MS Computer Science

Computer and Information Technologies are of paramount importance in the upkeep of today's modern society. The role of these technologies in integrating and organizing the whole world is quite extraordinary and impressive to the core. In this challenging world, I feel that continuous learning and being adaptable to the latest improvements in Information Technology are a must to be competitive. Also solving critical and complex problems have given me immense pleasure, so I seek to pursue my Graduation in Computer Science's which can satisfy my analytical desire. With the zeal to move ahead and never settle, I'm sure my decision to pursue Graduation in Computer Science is the correct one.

My interest in Engineering started during my schooling when basic Science and Mathematics were taught. I was particularly fascinated by the logic behind the working of machines and automobiles. That together with my keen interest in analytical skills sparked my interest and led me to choose for Mechanical Engineering as an Undergraduate course in one of the finest ABET-accredited institutions in India - ABC university.

I enjoyed many of the core courses such as Mass transfer, Kinematics of Machinery and power plant engineering however I've also taken up course such as C programming. This course involved a lot of C concepts, which helped improve my programming skills. In addition to my competent programming skills, courses such as Operations Research, Statistics and Engineering management at the University which further pushed my interest in computational analytics. I was fascinated by the excitement I felt studying these courses and decided upon redefining my career path.

I understood the base point that evolution of Computer sciences is making people's lives better. With my analytical skills and passion to solve problems I was sure I can be a part of this IT industry. By studying further on Computer Science and improving myself technically in the course of study, I wanted to be a part of innovative developments in this Industry.

My journey into IT began with an Internship with Indian multinational Corporation - xyz Limited, after my Under Graduation in 2014, I opted for a job in the IT industry following my passion. I felt that this would lay a platform for my Graduate studies in computer science. Although holding a degree in Mechanical Engineering with the skills of Information technology I carry made me take up an offer as Software Engineer Associate from a pioneer in Technological company - xyz Limited. At xyz, I gained experience in various technologies such as ASP.NET, RDBMS, and SQL.

My current role involves Application Development for xyz. This project is an Enterprise application, which deals with the Processing transactions over the US in their Production and sales and processed data is posted to an internal Accounting Software.xyz is a leading, Integrated, downstream energy company and so likewise their Production related IT environment will be very critical. There are instances where our team worked overnight to prevent production stops. The work tenure with the xyz is very exciting taking the criticality of the application. I was appreciated and encouraged for my dedicated work by many senior members. Experience with xyz provided me with insights into business process in energy sectors and helped me realize the potential of Computer Technology.

I believe that the industry needs IT professionals who have profound technical knowledge and has the analytical skills to understand the Business. Having work experience of over 5 years to peruse my Graduation is a good decision in my opinion. Upon carefully reviewing the Computer Science course at your University I feel this program will meet my ambitions and is a correct fit for me. Particularly I find the courses Database Systems, statistics for Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics offered in the program are highly competent.

I'm a sports enthusiast from childhood, I had participated in many Badminton, Relay and Kho-Kho events. During Under Graduate tenure, I've been part of various committees and organized University Fests (Gravitas and Rivera). I was also a member of Trekking club and part of several social responsibility activities where I taught children with special needs.

My experiences during work and under graduation tenure made me strive for knowledge and this inspired me to take up a graduate course on computer science. Also, I'm determined to excel in a career with computer sciences and information technologies. You're esteemed University by offering an excellent program on computer science might expect graduate students of high standards. Being determined to meet challenges and holding good academic records I believe I'll be a positive value to your program and can meet your expectations. I would be obliged if you provide the opportunity to pursue a Graduate degree in Computer Science at Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science, UT Dallas.
Bethel 1 / 2  
Sep 9, 2019   #2
This is a nice write up. I assume it is more of a template as you have chosen to use "xyz" as some sort of placeholder.

However, don't you think using "Graduate studies" should be used to replace "Graduation"?
OP Kranthi Kumar 1 / 1  
Sep 9, 2019   #3
Hi @Bethel, thanks for your feedback.
I have used that placeholder intentionally.
Please feel free to suggest more changes.

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