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Describe a leadership experience and its outcome.

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Mar 9, 2015   #1
hello! here is a brief account of my experience please help me edit and write it creatively. word limit 150 words . thankyou.

I have had a number of leadership experiences, but one specifically overtakes them all. Our college oragnised a cultural exchange program to new jersey city university. 12 students were chosen through auditions for dance and brief interview to test English communication skills. I was one of the selected candidate and in the next few days appointed as the leader of this team. As our team was going to perform a bollywood dance at annual gala at ellis island , we had a month to prepare,practice and perfect the dance sequence. My foremost duty was to monitor the dance practices, by personally informing each team member about the different time and venues for the practice for the whole month. As there were a lot of costume changes and props in the dance sequence, I had to keep a check that everyone carries their own costumes and props responsibly as we were travelling international. Upon arrival in the NJCU campus , i had to keep a track about the meal timings ,and the various events oragnised for us by the university. The whole trip was of 15 days and was a big success. Our team was appreciated and given mementos and certificates by NJCU. Also our dance performance at ellis island was a big success and the star of the event. At the end of the event i had to deliver a thankyou speech on the behalf of my team.

After returning from the trip I had to give a full account of the exchange program to our principal. She was very impressed and appreciated and congratulated us for a success show. Leading a team not only made me develop leadership skills but also give me a sense of satisfaction and the value of team work. I believe that this project was completely successful and although there were some difficult times throughout the process, I am proud to say that we all stayed committed to the project. I feel that this was my most significant leadership experience because I used everything I learned through my experience in business organizations to make this project come to life. I felt that I showed the qualities of a good leader because I was determined, motivated, worked well with my team, delegated tasks to them effectively, communicated the concept to the team as so they could help bring it to life, and stayed committed to the project.

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Mar 12, 2015   #2

In the first paragraph you begin a brief statement on the importance of leadership and how it shaped you. The next paragraph should discuss the leadership event. When describing details make sure you don't use run on sentences. For example in the first paragraph you do not need to mention the number of students that were chosen and how much time you needed to practice. Talk about your leadership role. Were their any challenges? What were the parts you enjoyed? Talk about the overall learning experience and how you have grown from it. When you write a statement, the next sentence you be an explanation. Make sure that your spelling is correct.

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