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Digital Media Production Master Degree at the University of Brighton - Personal Statement essay

rockprincess 7 / 12  
Nov 16, 2015   #1
I would appreciate your help with my personal statement. Thank you in advance.

Personal statement

I have chosen Digital Media Production Master Degree at the University of Brighton because I want to pursue a career as a manager for web development and design in a leading company. The course is very rich with different modules that I would like to master to achieve my goal. It was during the time working at Talal Abu Ghazaleh Organization (TAG-Org) that I was inspired to consider this course after having been exposed to the work duties of my manager. He has a wide knowledge of every aspect of building a website that he acquired through online articles, workshops, and his university education. I was impressed by his leadership skills in running a web project from designing to programming. As a result, I have decided on a career that emulates my supervisor's career path of leading a team of web developers, web designers, and social network coordinators.

I acquired different skills and experiences in digital media that would shape the future digital media manager. I earned designing skills in 3D through my graduation project and 2D through my work as a designer in Software Company. I can design icons and web graphics that are essentials for interface design module. I also grasped the creation of a website from designing to programming while I was working in the web development and design at TAG-Org. My Undergraduate studies covered a wide of basics subject regarding human-computer interaction. Working in photography studio is also helping to choose best pictures that show moments of events, Retouch photos and capture great images. I am looking forward to learning more about research methods, management and other digital media subjects such as data visualization.

I have taken further steps toward getting my master degree. I gained a Certificate of Completion for attending "study and work" program in Canada. In this program, I took an intensive English Course to improve my language skills. I also worked as a cashier to enable practicing the language and to enhance my speaking skills. The experience had advanced my language and had taught me about customer service. I now can deal with clients that are an asset to my studies in the course.

There also a common thing between the companies that I worked for them before traveling to Canada. There was no foundation of an art department and a social media communications department in any of them. In this case, I had to develop strategies that built a base for these departments. I discovered that I have the ability to initiate plans and work on them. For example, I successfully led the strategy to develop and involve all TAG-Org branches and departments in social media networks. I would like to enhance my skill through modules in the program.

For my plans, I will work at a huge multimedia company and hold a digital media specialist position. I have already worked in media production previously, so I plan for combining these experiences with master studies to qualify for this position. My aim after working there for two years is to become a digital media manager.

After five years working for media companies, I see myself finally combining everything that I have learned to become a successful entrepreneur. I will start my own business. I have always wanted to have a company that saw the customers' real need and responding to it by developing relevant media products. Besides, Jordan suffers from high unemployment, so I will contribute to my country by providing job opportunities to new graduates.

My ultimate goal is to earn a Ph.D., but enrolling first in a master's program will enable me to explore my various interests and make a more informed decision about which specific discipline I will want to study in depth

As far as long-term plans, I hope to get a position as a university professor in association with managing my business. I feel that I have a responsibility to pass on my experience and knowledge to next generation.
vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Nov 16, 2015   #2
Dana, you have actually covered all of the basis when it comes to the prompt requirements. Your information is highly detailed and offers a complete look at your CV in a narrative form. The highlights of your work and study experiences truly helped to propel the content of the essay to a more acceptable explanation of your study and career goals. Even with the problematic grammar portions, the essay is still quite strong and should be an asset to your application. The only thing I feel I can do for you is to help you polish the portions that need work. Let me get to work on that right now :-)

I have chosen to pursue a Digital Media Production Master Degree at the University of Brighton because ...

I edited the content, removed the irrelevant parts, and tightened the focus of the essay to just state the facts as the prompt requires. Please read it over, make any additions that you feel are necessary, or delete some parts if you wish. Whatever you choose to do, the essay will already be ready to submit.
justivy03 - / 2,366 607  
Mar 29, 2016   #3
Hi Dana, I can see that that you have really evolved in your writing, though it is not the field you would like to pursue, I can see a good writing ability that you have there. Now, two things that I notice straight away as I finish reading the essay, your introduction approach is very positive and the closing remarks stayed as positive as it started.

Moreover, the body and the information that lengthen the essay may not be necessary for the purpose of the essay, however, this information added to the character of the essay. I do suggest though that you try to merge some of the short paragraphs into big bold ones, when you do, mind the transition of the ideas and make sure that it will not affect the essay as a whole.

Overall, it is a wonderful writing, you had a mixture of what was then, your academic achievements, aspirations and more importantly, you have highlighted the outcome of this masters which is gearing towards positivity.

I hope my insights are useful and do let us should you need further assistance.

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