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Personal essay for Direct Entry Master of Science in Nursing program (for NP's)

JadeRN 1 / -  
Dec 29, 2011   #1
Hello, my prompt has three parts:
1. Tell why you want to become a nurse practitioner
2. Tell how past experiences have contributed to your decision
3. What are your goals and plans and how does this school help you achieve these goals.

I'm already in nursing school, but I am trying to transfer into a grad school instead. I decided to open with a clinical experience, and go from there. The draft is pretty much done other than I haven't brought in the reasons for this specific school yet. I'm still trying to think of how to word that part . . . and I'm applying to two different schools so the last paragraph will change a bit for each essay. Please read what I have so far (I'm really nervous about the essay part!), and let me know what you think! Thank you :)

My first day of Clinical was a memorable one, to say the least. As my instructor walked me to my assigned room, and I heard elderly, pain-filled moans trailing out of it, an immediate panic took over my body. Clouds of doubt infiltrated my mind: Can I do this? . . . What if I freeze up? . . . What if I do something wrong? Despite the initial thoughts of apprehension, I can only think of one word to describe my day after stepping into that hospital room- natural. My confidence and skill level grew as the care of Rena, my eighty-nine year old patient, seemed to instinctively fall into place, and the sense of purpose was nearly overwhelmingly fulfilling when, holding my hand in hers, she whispered, "I'm glad you're here . . . you're one of the good ones."

Four months have passed since my first clinical experience, and I would not give them up for anything. Because, throughout all of my patient morning care, bedpans, injections, seven hour classes, and countless cups of coffee, I have finally found my true passion. At one point, I was not sure if I would ever discover my niche. During my undergraduate career, I struggled to find my personal drive and interests, which is evident in my early transcripts, but since entering nursing school, I have found myself at the top of my class, constantly intrigued, and with an insatiable appetite for more.

My past semester at school has ingrained in me an unparalleled respect and admiration for Registered Nurses, but it has also allowed me to recognize my hunger and ability for greater medical practice responsibilities. For every patient that I have had the privilege to care for, I inherently desired to do more than was required in quest of their utmost comfort; unfortunately, because of obvious limits, I would always hit a plateau. I yearn for the opportunity to provide a wider range of duties for my patients, while still encompassing a holistic focus that will aid in their pursuit of wellness and prevention of illness. A Master's degree in nursing will provide me with this valuable combination, as well as the autonomy that medical practitioners hold dear.

As someone who is constantly open to new experiences and challenges, I believe I would thrive in an acute care setting. Current trends at the heart of this setting, such as shortened hospital stays, our nation's aging population, and a dramatic increase in chronic health problems are revamping healthcare, and it would be a privilege to personally contribute. A feeling of obligation and passion for the individual's welfare is crucial in this environment, where there are so many unstable conditions caused by a range of acute and chronic diseases. My goal is to use evidence-based practice to bring comfort, assertive knowledge, and healing to the moments in hospitals when patients feel overwhelmed and hopeless.
Pradodiana1 3 / 17  
Dec 30, 2011   #2
Overall the essay is great!

One way to describe my day after stepping into that hospital room- natural this was brilliant!

I think this essay has a lot going for it and it is easy to tell that you really care and are passionate about nursing.

If you're having trouble with the last paragraph, I'd say to just visit the universitie's website and talk about a class you think you would particularly enjoy, or a program that appeals to you. If you did a college tour or talked to some people from there, you should add that also and tell about how that added to your love for the university.

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