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I discontinued my studies in Design; Motivation letter to a Design School

sibijohnmat 1 / 1  
Aug 8, 2013   #1
Its been a while since i wrote a letter; anything other than dictated words for that matter. Desperately looking for some help in revising this one.

I am writing this letter with interest in the Masters course. I was browsing through some information about how to convey an idea from the concept stage to design to the end result, and I stumbled upon this course at XYZ.

For your reference on my background, I have enclosed my resume and the link to my portfolio. My interest in design goes back to time, since I can remember, making sketches of my favorite action figure- He-Man. Ever since I was introduced to drawing, I have always been facinated by everything to do with color, shading, lighting, games, etc. I developed my designing skills all along the years I have spend in researching and learning, through courses and resources available to me, and always felt an incompleteness in conveying my final designs. Fluency and skill in using a software helps a person to design his or her idea, but the real challenge is to communicate it, which affects, and has an effect on people. I studied in a design school, but discontinued as there was a clash of interest in courses offered.

I have read an understood the criteria offered at XYZ. I am an open book and you are free to ask me anything.

I desperately need to make this more of a motivational letter than anything else, as i am desperate to be accepted at this university. All your criticisms and appreciation(if any) are required.
sksbl88 - / 29 6  
Aug 11, 2013   #2
You're making it too big a deal. A very simple email will do to the school that's maybe 4-5 sentences and in the proper formal format as usual.

Give them a call or go visit the school. That will be a lot better.

The essays on the application are where you have to worry.

I'm applying to a top school and that's exactly what I did. Hasn't hurt my chances at all.
OP sibijohnmat 1 / 1  
Aug 11, 2013   #3
sksbl88 - The formal email has already been sent. The motivation letter is part of the application procedure.
sksbl88 - / 29 6  
Aug 11, 2013   #4
Try this then..

1. Listen to the music that gets you attached the most. Watch a movie that was the deepest to you. Go to a place that makes you think and you admire. Reflect on your artwork and past.

2. Just write write and write some more till you have several pages on anything and everything about motivation to you.

3. Think about what you want to pick from that writing to put in an essay and smash it into a ugly rough draft.

4. Play with it to make it more organized and structured.

5. fine tune and edit it several times.

2 pages max and no more.

A. Why that school and big reason?
B. Why a graduate degree and your reason?
C. What is your passion and biggest interest in that field?
D. What do you want to accomplish with it?
E. Defining moment in your career or challenging event that shaped you?

incorporate this into some nice letter or a combo of them together.

Simple Intro, body and conclusion. make sure the opening and closing sentences are very original and sound like someone wise and mature.

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