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'drawing and sketching' - Statement of Purpose - Graduate study of MFA Design

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Dec 5, 2010   #1
Since my youth, I have been drawing and sketching. I had a natural artistic ability. During 8th grade, I had my work exhibited at the school's art show; During my junior and seniors years, I taken 3 AP courses, which was 2 art studio courses and European history. The art department published a print (a rubber relief) of mine for cover of the school's newspaper. I attended the XXXX University majoring in English Communications for 1 year, then decided into the field of Visual Communications, and transferred to XXXXXX (XXX). Before I knew that there where graphic designers who do the work for companies, I thought that the companies actually do the work themselves. This was new knowledge to me. I told myself that I can get paid to for creative work, so I made an important decision to enroll at XXXX.

Before, I thought that the companies where the creatives and did not know that there are individuals who are trained just for that. I Two months before graduation, my work was exhibited at the spring show (2006). I graduated with a 3.12 GPA. Throughout my education and career in design, I have been greatly influenced by culture and key-figures in art, design and architecture. Two of the most influential designers are Jan Tschichold and Josef Albers. I adopted some of their elements in my own work.

My last employer, XXXXX, has allowed me possibilities in examining both national and local issues. I started as a editorial designer but received a promotion as art director. I employed a few of grids and typographic treatments that will allow readers to better navigate pages. I also designed advertisements for small businesses to be published. This publication required more production than design: finding images; finding stories; emailing people for additional information on the subjects; updating legal notices and other information. XXXX has been in business for 18 years and is a part of the XXXXX. I've met a few well-known activist and key-political figures. I am honored to have worked there because I expressed my humanistic qualities visually through media. The publisher received many reviews from the community on the newspaper's appearance. That drives me to being more and more prominent in the city. I may not go back into the journalism field. Will generate concepts in a studio-based environment. I had to terminate my position because I to invested more time towards studies. I held this position for nearly 3 years.

I have a over 5 years as a freelance designer. I enjoy working as one because it allows me connect with clients on a professional level. The key to becoming a entrepreneur is build close business relationships with people. I put together projects for several companies from start to finish. They where satisfied with the work that I did for them. I find businesses to work with through promoting my services through direct mail or online ads. I have ambitious and optimistic. Those are the ingredients that will creating many opportunities, like becoming head of my own firm.

Some of the most talented and fervent artists in the US who graduated from XXXX. I've asked a few acquaintances about the school and they had great experiences. I want to have that same experience. I navigated the website, spoke with representatives online and make a important decision to apply. Not all schools are the same, therefore, not all online schools are the same. I want my work to be distinguished from the competition-- and there's a lot of it! I am eager in becoming part of XXXX community. I do think my time is better invested there. When enrolled at XXXX (XXX), I found it difficult in adjusting to the the online platform. That explains being placed on academic probation. Many of the instructors there given little direction and help wasn't easily accessible. I understand that a graduate program is self-directed but you are still being taught. I have the drive and I do invest a huge amount of time in developing concepts but I am not satisfied with the quality of education I received. I believe my time is would be better invested with XXXX.

I know its drafty. Please correct and/or comment.

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