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Earth is damaged by human or human activity makes Earth better ?

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Sep 29, 2012   #1

conservation of environment is very important

There is inconvertible fact that in history of humanity, human causes detrimental effects on earth. There are widespread reasons for it, and the primary ones are listed as follows as I mentioned.

One of the most prominent reasons is that deforesting has been leaded to the speared spectrum of damages on earth. Deforestation has happened in large scale for building urban and dwelling rural. In addition, Active deforestation can lead to eliminate wide spectrum spices of animals, plants and other life in earth. Furthermore, human has been damaged habitat of beasts, so, it causes immigrate or died animals. Nowadays, we can protect some kind of scarce animals just in the zoo. Inevitably, extinction animals cause troubling in life cycle in ecosystem. disturbing forests is deviate nature from its predetermined equilibrium point.

The equally significant reason is that pollution environment by activities of human kind have been occurred deleterious effects on surrounding. Polluting environment is the common phenomenon and indispensible event according by civilization and progressing in technology. Human contaminated water resources such as river, lakes, and streams in an insensitive manner. Factories get rid of their west in nature. Human emission are generated by using fossil fuels such as oil, coal, for supply their energy. Moreover, Extending utilize theses fuels caused air pollution by producing green house gases in atmosphere. Green houses gasses also lead to phenomenon called global warming in earth which causes melt glacier and elevate level of water in oceans. However, it can lead a serious problem such as changing weather, limiting lands, for all beasts on the earth.

The last but not the least, reason is that researches indicator extent of utilize resources in earth lead to future generation faced with serious problems. In close future are expected that fossil fuels are finite. So, our descendent must replace their sources of energy. Although nowadays scientists try to find a solution, they have not been prospected yet. It is no doubt that draws back from resources can lead to catastrophic results on earth.

For the aforementioned reasons, no doubt that human must pay more attention for affecting of their activities on earth. In future life in earth, human will experience many difficulties, streaming from the shortage of energy resources, famine, and drought. Hence, conservation biology is very important for all, including human being, plant, animals and the earth.

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Sep 29, 2012   #2
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