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"Its easy to make a buck, its a lot tougher to make a difference"- Masters of Public Admin entrance

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Oct 2, 2015   #1
This is my statement of interest to admission into a masters program for public administration. Please let me know what you think!

"It's easy to make a buck, It's a lot tougher to make a difference". This is something my Mother said to me one morning, about 15 years ago as she grabbed the remote control from me to change the channel on the television. "It's important that you know what's going on in the world. Turn off the music videos and watch the news." Sure enough, from that day forward, if the TV was on while I was getting ready for school, it was a news channel. Uninterested at first, it didn't take long before I was intrigued and found genuine interest in keeping up and being in the know with the world's happenings.

As a young teenager, I hadn't put much thought into what I wanted to do with my life and what my career goals were. One thing I did know was that I wanted to be an influential woman who meant something to the community, someone who had the power to make a change. I began volunteering at various community events, attending borough council meetings with my Mother, anything I could do to feel like I was an involved member of the community. Although my new found interest and passion for the public and community did not mesh well with the interests of my friends at that time; I didn't care. Becoming involved with local events and witnessing the passion in people whom serve the public molded me into the self-assured woman I am today.

My passion for public involvement has taken me on the most incredible journey. Working my way through college, I had the opportunity to understand and learn life through the eyes of many different populations. From children in school settings, to institutionalized adults- my countless hours of direct care left me with experiences that were of a kind.

In my more recent years, working in a management position for a non-profit organization, I am utilizing my years of education and experience and being the best I can be, however, I am beyond ready to raise the bar and accept the next challenge. I am applying for entry to the Masters of Public Administration program because I know I have more to learn and more to give. I am ready to devote my entire career to public service, as I already feel I am wise beyond my years, yet I can't wait to see where the future takes me.

Although my career possibilities are plentiful, my next goal is to assume a leadership role working for the county in which I live or another local government agency. I am very knowledgeable in many areas of public service and I feel that I would be an excellent asset to organizations once I acquire all the proper tools required to take on the role. After all, I know it's easy to make a buck, but I am trying to make a difference.

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Oct 2, 2015   #2
Victoria, I like the hook that you used in the beginning. It really reeled me into reading the rest of your essay. I believe it will do the same for the reviewer who reads it. However, as he progresses with reading your statement, the reviewer will realize that your hook, doesn't really have a connection with your desire to complete your masters degree. Just as I did when I reached your second paragraph.

If you are talking about making a difference in your community in the future, make sure that your hook reflects that completely. Instead of talking about your mother's statement fifteen years ago, talk about an incident when you were performing a civic act that brought you to this career conclusion. I really do not see any evidence of this passionate journey of yours in the essay. You need to elaborate on that in order to prove your mettle as a future in the field of public administration. Try to inform the reviewer about your past experience related to your interest.

Did you complete a college course that directly relates to this field? Do you work for some agency that deals directly with the needs of the public? Let the reviewer in on an overview of your college course. Name the organization you are connected with now and explain your work experience. Use that to paint the picture of yourself as a person with a passion for public service. Your work experience will give tell the reviewer all he needs to know about your potential to succeed as a masters student and future public servant.

It will also help your essay if you tailor fit your statement of interest for a specific university. Do some research with regards to their masters requirements for this field. Try to find out if there are any programs or professors that appeal to you. Mention these programs and professors by name while you explain how you see those things helping you to become a success in the future. Let the reviewer know that this is not a generic statement of interest that you are submitting to all your choice universities. Yes, some students actually do that and let me tell you, it does not work. The reviewer knows a generic statement when he sees one.

Try to personalize this essay a bit more. It does not offer too much about your professional potential at the moment. The reviewer needs to see the status of your interest in this field at the moment and what kind of potential you may have to become a leader in this field in the future.

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