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I need this education - your future career goals as a social worker

varenya29 1 / -  
Apr 16, 2018   #1

MSW personal statement

1.What has motivated you to pursue graduate school education? Discuss an area you hope to focus on in the program and your future career goals as a social worker.

this education is necessary for me

My motivation behind wanting to pursue graduate school education is because the more I become immersed in my work as an Outreach Worker, the more I realize that higher education is needed to affect change in my work. I want to work on a micro level to affect change and by pursuing graduate work, I am certain that I will be able to not only affect change in our social systems but also, be certain that I am affecting change in people's day to day lives. Social work Certain life experiences are what have motivated me to pursue graduate school education. Being a first-generation Canadian, witnessing domestic violence, and struggling with mental health issues in my teenage years, are just some of the challenges I've had in my life growing up. Unfortunately, I've felt very much alone through out those struggles until I started gaining experience in the social services field through volunteering and working. I've found individuals whom I truly resonate with, whom have left a larger impact on me then me on them. I would like to pursue graduate school education, as I feel this is necessary for me to grasp a larger and more in-depth understanding of the social inequities and injustices that we are faced with in our day to day lives. I am certain that with this program at Wilfrid Laurier University, I can become a social worker that would have led my younger self through the struggles in life. An appealing aspect of this program at Laurier is that they differentiate between macro and micro practises of social work. I hope to focus on the micro practise, as I have the ability to connect with people on such a personal level. I find that my compassion and empathy make me a strong counsellor and an active listener. As such, I believe that studying the social work through a micro lens will enhance my skills to effectively help those who seek services. My future career goals as a social worker is to use my minority identity, as a South Asian woman, to go back to India or Sri Lanka and assist low-income, uneducated women to gain autonomy and independence, in a culturally appropriate way. Being immersed in my culture, I am fully aware of the constant injustices that women face in my community and how much oppression, misogyny, and violence is weaved into the fabric of our culture. I hope to use my education and practicum experience to go to third world countries and empowering the rights of women and girls.

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Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,574 4446  
Apr 17, 2018   #2
Jasmine, your essay is extremely difficult to read. You need to separate the presentation into paragraph topics. Group these by related discussions. Right now, I am having a difficult time keeping track of what it is you are saying and, if I remove my eyes from the page for an instant, I totally lose my place in the reading. It is never a good idea to stress out the reviewer while reading your paper. He may decide to reject your application based on such a simple technicality.

Additionally, if you divide the essay as instructed, you will notice the points in the presentation that are irrelevant, such as your teenage experience and being a minority in Canada, which can be removed without affecting the overall essay. Try to focus on Canada for your career goal since you are a professional who is employed in that country. Your desire to impact the lives of women in Asian countries is too big a leap that you will not be able to achieve with a simple masters degree. You are talking PhD level studies in that instance, which, you have yet to achieve. Focus on helping other South Asian women in Canada first since that is where your minority status exists. Rethink the content of your essay in terms of your study focus and career goals first. Leave the bigger dreams for the next level of your education.

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