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Electrical and Computer Engineering at university of Ottawa; Letter of intent

vinny 1 / -  
Jun 11, 2013   #1
This statement of purpose is to express my keen interest in pursuing masters program in Electrical and Computer Engineering at university of Ottawa. This is because I find it fascinating to become an Engineer and from an early age I developed passion for solving mathematical and physical challenging problems. This passion was robustly enriched during my undergraduate study in Electrical Engineering. I feel attaining a higher education would enable me develop these skills further. This program when completed will not only allow me to investigate new technologies but it will also give me the opportunity to develop and focus on one of my genuine interest.

My interests have been heightened by the work experience I undertook at the Pipelines and Products Marketing Company (a subsidiary of Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation) where I worked under Electrical /Maintenance department. There, I gained knowledge of electrical installations, ranging from preventive maintenance of electrical equipment to transformer installations. The time I spent there allowed me to broaden my horizon in engineering. In addition to work experience, I have attended engineering courses such as Health Safety and Environment (HSE), which increased my safety consciousness.

I have participated in a young Enterprise Scheme where I learnt about leadership, realistic teamwork and financial constraints in real life business situation. During my service year, I joined Health and Drugs free Club where I counselled the youth and the elderly ones on the effects of illicit drugs.

During this period of study and research in my school days, I was particularly interested in computer communication network due to their enormous advancement in people's life. I believe there is a need to groom professionals who will improve and sustain this technological trend and hence an intense need to study the advanced theories and technology in the fullest enforced academic institute. Thus I choose University of Ottawa where I believe I can realise my dreams. In addition to the unparalleled strength in the area of science and technology, University of Ottawa boasts the international background with scholars and students from different region all over the world, the congenial atmosphere for learning and systematic cultivation of creativity in her students.

Though I am well aware that to be admitted into such a renowned university is highly competitive yet my sound and comprehensive background in the field of Engineering and independent research capacity endows me with full confidence to stand up to those conditions.

I am a person who appreciates cultural diversity as an important source of innovativeness. When people of different cultural backgrounds meet, such people are very likely to combine a wide range of talent, skill and produce a synergetic effect very valuable to companies, organizations and society at large. The Canadian society is a good example of how cultural differences can be converted into advantages.

Applying for a master's program in your university is an important challenge as I would be exposed to many world renowned scholars and to the most updated knowledge and technology. I am eager to enjoy an opportunity to enrich myself from this valuable academic nutrition and at the same time I hope, on the premises of improvement of the theoretical construction and of my practical capacity, to give full play to my initiative and potential strength and this way, contribute immensely my intelligence to the University of Ottawa.

Thanks for your consideration.


vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Jan 17, 2015   #2
Vincent, there is no need to remind the admissions officer that this is a letter of intent. He already knows that it is a necessary part of your application essays. So don't talk down to him by stating the obvious in your first line. Just keep the essay, which is not to be written in a letter format, formal and respectful. Don't make this an autobiography either that states so much about your academic background and work related activities. Save those for other common prompts such as your statement of purpose. A letter of intent is simply meant to explain your intentions for wishing to apply for higher studies. Describe your interest in the field and the future projects you intend on undertaking in order to help bring changes and innovations about in your field of expertise. These are the kinds of information expected in this essay, not the personal opinions that it currently contains. Most of the content of your essay at the moment truly seem better suited for a personal statement rather than a letter of intent. Revising the essay to reflect the reasons behind your intentions to enroll, on a professional, rather than personal level, will best suit the prompt. Remember, do not confuse the letter of intent with a personal statement nor a statement of purpose. Those are two different essays altogether.

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