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My never-ending search for learning. Scad Graduate Admission Statement of Purpose

marcelapinheiro 1 / -  
Jan 5, 2018   #1
The statement should be a 500- to 750-word overview of the applicant's academic and professional accomplishments and should demonstrate a high level of interest in and a highly developed understanding of the discipline.

My statement:

unforgettable Christmas

It was Christmas and my family was reunited at my grandma's house. The TV was on, and since I wasn't participating in the adults' conversation, I tried to watch a movie: Toy Story. It captured my attention right away because I felt just like Andy. I loved playing pretend and creating my own stories and worlds. Finding out I could make a career out of my imagination led me to design and now I want to focus on the creation and development of characters for animation and illustrated books. Being accepted at the MFA in Illustration at SCAD would help me discover my own voice and thus express my imagination to create deep and complex universes.

Following my dream of working with creativity, I enrolled in the Design undergraduate program of the Federal University of Pernambuco, in 2014 and it gave me the opportunity of learning a variety of subjects. With a flexible structure and evaluations based mostly on projects, the program contributed to building my time management and teamwork skills. Two disciplines were decisive for my learning process of how visually communicate, Social Semiotics and Narrative Artifacts for Children's Books. The latter covered all the process of making illustrated books. We learned different techniques of coming up with ideas and selecting from them, how to plan book layouts, image composition and choosing appropriate fonts for children. For the final assignment, I created my own story and went through the entire process. Holding the finished book in my hands was very rewarding. The former gave me the understanding of image as part of a visual language, with its own grammar and particularities, created to convey a specific message. I was profoundly fascinated by this subject and became a teacher assistant for this subject during six months.

Being passionate about learning and feeling the need to understand more about the software I would have to work within the industry, I enrolled, in 2015, at the course Start (Saga - School of animation, art, and game) which gave me a vast understanding of Adobe and Autodesk software. It expanded my range of possibilities to create and become competitive in the field. With this acquired knowledge, I worked as a freelancer on interesting projects. The first as a volunteer for tmy never-ending search for learning.he Project Management Institute in which I created the initial piece used for advertising the X National Congress of Project Management. In the following years, I worked for social projects funded by the government, creating visual identities and all the printed material, social media posts and T-shirts for those projects.

Having experimented multiple areas of design, illustration remained my passion. However there weren't Illustration specific classes at the university, therefore, I began taking classes with Rosinha Campos and Anabella López, two professionals I deeply admire. I've already completed 8 months of study about character design and narrative. In class, image stereotypes and cliches were deconstructed while we came up with new, refreshing and efficient ideas. In this course, I also obtained a better understanding of the illustrated book market, since the professors have many years of experience in the field.

Several years have passed since that special Christmas, but the desire to create a story so fascinating as the one I first saw, and like many others I had the pleasure to watch over time, remains intact. Even stronger, I would say. Being accepted into the program would be the next step in my never-ending search for learning. It would give me not only the possibility to contribute to major studios such as Disney and Pixar but also independence of working as a freelancer, another dream of mine. Both outcomes would be one step closer to make my stories and worlds become reality and make people from different ages, backgrounds, and places feel connected and represented as I felt that day.

inesanleu 1 / 1 1  
Jan 6, 2018   #2
Hi Marcela!
I think you could merge a couple of sentences in your essay to make it flow a little better.

EXAMPLE: It was Christmas at my grandma's house, and the whole family was together. Around me, all the adults were talking, but I didn't have any particular desire to join the conversation. Instead, I turned to the TV, which was currently displaying a scene from Disney's Toy Story. The more I watched, the more I realized I was just like Andy: I loved playing pretend and creating new stories and worlds.

This is just an example! Maybe I'm being too descriptive, but my point is that your sentences could flow a little better.

Also, in "... University of Pernambuco, in 2014 ..." The comma in red is out of place there, and you could add a comma after 2014.

Two disciplines ... of how to visually communicate:Social Semiotics ...

Overall, I think you should grammar check. Merge sentences, check comma placements, delete unnecessary adjectives and adverbs.

Let me know if I can be of any more help! Good luck!
Holt [Contributor] - / 9,041 2728  
Jan 6, 2018   #3
Marcela, while this essay showcases your high regard and interest in your major, there is no real accomplishment to prove that you have been an outstanding student in the course of your academic undertaking. You do not refer to high levels of grades, recognitions, or even notable projects that caught the eye of your teachers. It appears that you are heavy on the academic side but weak on the professional side. This has created an imbalance in your presentation and thus, will not really impress the reviewer. You need to highlight your professional accomplishments if you do not have any academic accomplishments. For example, what what the government project you worked for and what was the highlight of your participation in that project? Did you animate a certain project for class that impressed a professor of yours? Maybe you were drafted to participate in a particular non-academic animation project? Basically, this essay covers 2 out of the 3 requirements. That doesn't make it a weak essay, it just means that the presentation is incomplete and as such, may not be of particular interest to the reviewer. The lack of academic recognition and professional highlight are what directly affect the effectiveness of this essay. The passion is clear as daylight. I am just not sure if passion alone can carry this essay through the consideration process.

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