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Energy Engineer - Statement of purpose for masters.

Froggy23 1 / 3  
Apr 8, 2020   #1
It is my first time writing statement of purpose and i am sure you guys help me to get corrected. Please do help and point out my mistakes.

For the past century, energy has become a main topic of controversy throughout the world. While great strides have been made by human to tackle energy crisis, which had led to a numerous problem related to pollution and exploitation of natural resources. The race for development of alternate ways of energy generation is still on, and I hope to be able to contribute my knowledge and creativity to the field. I am writing today to express my interest and desire to be considered for the renewable energy program at your institution.

Since I am from Nepal, a country full of water resources, which is second in world. Nepal has a lot of potential in hydro power generation but is lacking because of manpower and funding. I want to invest my knowledge to further improve the hydro power status of my country. The choice I have made was not only driven by the motive of duty. I had always felt a strong connection with nature; it is my source of inspiration. Form my early age I was fascinated about nature and, as I grew up I got to know more which increased my passion and motive. I have always pictured myself working for betterment of nature. By integrating the renewable energy world, I will be able to achieve this; I will contribute on solving global environmental issues by making use of the renewable resources. I will be doing something I am passionate about and at the same time solving a huge energy crisis all around.

I am aware that succeeding in a renewable energy master requires a strong scientific and engineering background. I believe that throughout my whole academic experience I acquired good background needed for renewable energy masters. In high school, I majored in mathematics science, the branch that focuses on mathematics and physics. This allowed developing good logical reasoning skills and acquiring the fundamentals of scientific knowledge.

Further I went India to pursue my bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. My undergraduate studies at the Nagarjuna College of Engineering and Technology, Bengaluru, have been the most important and influential part of my educational life where I learnt to think clearly, decide swiftly and carry out my visions perfectly. While studying in India I got a broad knowledge of mechanical engineering and also a feeling about studying in abroad with people of different nations. Adapting to these changes taught me how to manage my time efficiently, how to pick what is essential and focus on it, and how to plan better for solving problems. Besides, the engineering major helped me acquire a diversified scientific and engineering background that will help me cope with graduate level requirements. Having taken courses in physics, thermodynamics, statics and dynamics, material sciences, power plant and renewable energy sources helped me to better grasp and know about the renewable energy.

I also have worked on project like drainage waste water cleaner and evaporative cooling systems which helped me to further increase my knowledge about water management and using energy efficient technology for conservation of energy. My college experience helped me become the person I am; responsible, ambitious, passionate, hardworking and eager to learn.

I aspire to become an engineer that can help to decrease the energy burden on environment through implementing novel methods generating energy effectively and efficiently. Your school's renewable energies program is one of the best worldwide. Your experience in the field will benefit me enormously; I will have the chance to learn about most recent renewable energy techniques. That will definitely put me on the right track to participate actively in the development of this field all over the world. If I get the chance to have the renewable energy master over your school, I will make good use of my background, skills and passion to succeed in graduate school, and better integrate the renewable energy field. I will work hard to be a good representative of your school, because succeeding with brilliance is the only way for me to achieve the goals I set to myself.

Holt [Contributor] - / 9,565 2976  
Apr 8, 2020   #2
Your approach to the statement of purpose is like a personal statement for an incoming college student. It is not going to work for an advanced learning application essay. You need to be more specific about the purpose of your study. You need to highlight your professional experience in relation to your interest to the course. Your high school studies, your move to India to study college, those are some of the most irrelevant information in this presentation. The most irrelevant being the part referring to your childhood and ambitions. The reviewer will see this essay as pointless and disregard your application. If you want to write a more proper SOP, then do so using the following information:

Par. 1: Discuss what you current job is. How do your duties, responsibilities, and tasks align itself with the advance studies you wish to undertake? How does the learning you will have completed advise your future career goals?

Par. 2: Based on your college learning, what subjects, courses, and internships or research have prepared you to study this course? What relevant seminars have you attended professionally that will convince the reviewer you have a strong theoretical foundation to complete the course?

Par. 3: Based on your knowledge of what energy problems Nepal has, how will this course help you chart a plot towards resolving that problem?

Par. 4: How do you plan to execute a plan of action regarding your career ambitions upon completing the course?

Par. 5: Based on your academic goals and career objectives, what specific learning and practical opportunities does the university offer that will directly tie in with your career goals? How does the course and the university advise your next career plans?

Based on these 5 topics for discussion and guide questions, you should be able to create a more relevant and informative SOP. One that should gain the interest of the reviewer within the first 3 sentences.
OP Froggy23 1 / 3  
Apr 8, 2020   #3
Thanks for the help I will soon post updated one

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