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Energy Resources Engineering, multicultural experience - Statement of Purpose MSc

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Nov 6, 2010   #1
Hello Everyone.
I would really appreciate your input in my Statement of purpose for an MSc in Energy Resources Engineering. Thanks

Engineering has been passion of mine since a young age, this led me to come and study in one of the most recognized Electrical department in the United Kingdom, the ECS Department at the University of Southampton. Learning through the course modules gave me depth in knowledge in key areas of power systems, such as Electromagnetism and Electrical Materials. Being part of entrepreneurial and scientific societies, allowed me to gain a breadth in knowledge, which has shown me how different academic areas interconnect and work together in real life problems. While studying for my Bachelor degree the field of energy sparked my curiosity, although it did not allow me to further explore inter-disciplinary modules related to the energy sector. That is why I started searching for an MSc course that could satisfy my inter-departmental energy interests.

At university I got involved with the IEEE student branch committee, as a treasurer. This allowed me to organize and attend seminars about the energy related fields, such as electric super-cars. I also founded, together with four other colleagues, the IET student branch that allowed me to further explore my interests. Half way through my programme, I applied to a power scholarship scheme, which is a unique partnership between industry and academia, established to address the looming skills shortage in power engineering through a combination of financial support and workplace mentoring for students. The company which I have taken this scholarship with was EDF, an international energy company that generates, distributes and sells electricity worldwide. This scheme also allowed me to attend power seminars; smart grids, renewable energies and electric vehicles were some of the topics discussed. I have also dedicated my time to more interpersonal activities by joining societies like AISEC, the student union, where I was School President, and other entrepreneurial societies. Recently I enrolled in a management course where I am having the opportunity to learn more about corporate world, which has allowed me to expand my knowledge and link ideas, between engineering and management.

The worldwide recognition of Stanford University is one of the factors I am applying to this MSc. Though the key factor was Stanford's ability to recognize that the academia was not designed to create well-rounded engineers, in this vastly interdisciplinary Energy Sciences field resulting in a reformulation of its Petroleum Engineering Department, into the Department of Energy Resources Engineering. This MSc allows graduates to truly get an understanding of how several energy related sectors work and interconnect with each other. I will be able to take courses like Energy Systems, Distributed Generation and Grid Integration of Renewables and Optimization of Energy Systems, which will give clarity into the many questions and thoughts I have. Stanford will not only enhance my intellect, but through its recognition it will open opportunities that will allow me to I can make a difference in this area.

Having been educated in an international school, CLIP, from primary to high school gave multicultural experience, which shaped my personality to be truly open and global. Through academic team-work programs at high-school, such as Learning Through Research and Design (LTRD), I have also acquired intrinsic skills to lead and adapt to different situations. In university I gained this natural interest in the energy field with a desire to learn and challenge today's real energy problems. Today I am a multi-lingual individual who was the ambition to succeed in today's global energy environment.
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Nov 10, 2010   #2
Having been educated in an international school, CLIP, from primary to high school gave multicultural experience, which shaped my personality to be truly opened and global.

Well I was going to say 'good luck in school', but I don't think you'll need it!
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Nov 16, 2010   #3

Thank you very much for your corrections and for the time spent.
I appreciate your complement; I do try and leave very little to fate, but I do realise that luck/uncertainty plays a considerable role in any application process and therefore always welcome any positive thinking.

I apologise for the late response, I have been without internet for the last week.

Once Again Thank you
Pedro Amaro
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Nov 17, 2010   #4
Above is the last version with Susan's valuable input. Any further improvement will be greatly appreciated. I have also removed the XXXs for greater clarity.

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