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Erasmus Mundus in Security and Cloud Computing - expectations, career aspirations, experience, etc.

Yusufbek 1 / 1  
Dec 19, 2019   #1

Tell us about your expectations for the SECCLO programme, career aspirations, relevant experience and achievements.

I tried to express my motivation in max.500 words. I need your kind recommendation and advice for what needs to be edited on my essay

I can't imagine my life without digital technologies from my childhood. I remember when my parents bought personal computer for me, it felt like there is something connection in my fate with computer technologies in future ahead because everything in computer seemed interesting, any complex calculations for me was simple and fast for computer, even though, I didn't know why and how it was managing all operations, I was curious to know the reasons behind and later this led me to develop my initial motivation to learn programming.

To pursue my aims, I have seen studying bachelor in Information technology at Andijan State University as a bridge that connects me with the future. As time went by, I realized that Informatics is limitless and what I have learnt so far is just a drop from a huge ocean. I tried to use every opportunity to enrich my knowledge and experience as a programmer while studying at University. For instance, the courses we were taught in University such as Object-oriented programming, Computer Networks and web development using PHP programming assisted me to start my career as volunteer intern in IT projects related to the Software systems of tourism and trade such as: andijanmuseum.uz and www. uzautojobs.uz. I value my current programming experience and problem solving skills for my small participations above since during the period I learnt how to build web applications from scratch and work with team. Thus, taking responsibility in a team and having ability to motivate people assisted me to learn leadership skills. Later, in 2017 I took part as IT manager of an organizing team of "Developing Innovations in Andijan, Uzbekistan" summit. Overall, my little experience helped me to understand how big demand is IT in our digital era and what I could do to modernize every sector of government for a young country like Uzbekistan.

Based on the above, I decided to choose Erasmus + scholarship in SECCLO program as it includes six innovative universities that directly focus on practical information Security and cloud computing skills with a research based curriculum. Thus, program initially covers fundamentals concepts of latest technologies such as system engineering and network architectures and get complicated in next terms. Despite the given mandatory courses the program gives an opportunity to choose specialized courses such as on computer networking and network security which are my long-term intended research areas in further master and PhD studies. Furthermore, the program consists of summer school activities on different topics every year. Thus, projects aimed to prepare students to work in goal-oriented way and manage their time with planning to given deadlines. Taking into account that I worked as volunteer web developer last 2 years I can feel that how important these skills for the developer in real life situation.

Personally, for me SECCLO program is long term investment into my professional growth that grants me an opportunity to access to the research infrastructures in different European countries and benefits from learning in different setting.
Maria - / 1,098 389  
Dec 22, 2019   #2
Hello. Welcome to the forum! I hope that this feedback somewhat helps you out.

While I think that the introduction was quite a creative approach into writing, I find that it was generally insufficient when it comes to fulfilling the bare minimum that's sought after in the essay's requirements. Try to answer the immediate thesis questions posted by the theme of the essay at the very beginning. Doing this will help structure your writing more in accordance with the paper.

Be cautious as well of minute details in the paper: punctuation, preposition, and general grammatical composition. It wouldn't be smart for you to leave lapses when it comes to how you compose sentences because there's a structure that needs to be followed.
OP Yusufbek 1 / 1  
Dec 23, 2019   #3
Thank you @Maria. I really appreciate your feedback

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