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I want to excel my skills by studying Master's in Thermal & Fluid Sciences from your institution

sanket1011 1 / 1  
Dec 19, 2014   #1
Requesting evaluation of SOP for MS in Thermal & Fluid Sciences in US.

Below is my SOP for graduate admission. Please suggest necessary corrections. I have written this essay with my limited vocabulary, hence suggestions of alternative appropriate are expected. Dont hesitate to make basic changes.

My urge to understand basic principles behind the working of complex and massive machines has always fascinated me towards Mechanical Engineering. During schooling I had keen interest in learning mathematics, physics and chemistry. I used to feel very elated to know the scientific reasons behind the basic things occurring around us. I have done my secondary and higher secondary schooling in basic sciences with distinction after which I have completed Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from xxxx, which is known for having best faculties for mechanical engineering in Nagpur University, India. I further want to excel my skills by studying Master's in Thermal & Fluid Sciences from your esteemed institution.

During my undergraduate studies, I learnt many interesting subjects,I especially was captivated by thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, energy conversion, internal combustion engines and renewable energy sources which I had chosen as an elective. Coinciding with my interest I had done projects on Vapor Compression Refrigeration Systems and Design & Finite Element Analysis of Peripheral Disc Braking System on which I presented a college level paper. I also presented a seminar on Wing in Ground Vehicles which was based on peculiar aerodynamic phenomenon.

After my undergraduate studies I had assisted my professor in teaching the subject of Engineering Drawing for a year. I was then selected for the post of Assistant Engineer in Prestigious organization xxxx in year 2010 through a competitive recruitment test which was appeared by thousand of aspirants. xxxx is a largest power generation company amongst all the state power companies in india,owned by State Government of Maharashtra.In last 4 years I have worked in erection, commissioning & operation of coal based supercritical thermal power plant located in Nagpur, India.During my professional career I got the opportunity to work on various interesting project like erection & commissioning of Axial fans, Regenerative Air Preheaters &Coal Pulverisers in 660 MW Boiler. Due to my thorough knowledge of various concepts of working of fans, that I had acquired in due course I was assigned the work of Aerodynamic Testing of Primary Air, Forced Draft & Induced Draft fans at one of the few full scale fan testing facilities in India.I got an opportunity to understand the stall condition encountered in axial fans which is still an unconquerable challenge in the field of axial fans. I also got to work upon various stall monitoring and detection systems equipped on the fans. I have leaded a team performing Cold Air Velocity Test of boiler, a test which utilizes CFD techniques to identify the erosion prone zones of the boiler pressure parts.

My purpose for Graduate studies in Thermal & Fluid Sciences was rooted from my curiosity in the field as well as the numerous challenges that are offered in this field. I had always been curious to know about aerodynamic flow of air around the blades of the fans, flow of water and steam through boiler tubes and flow of viscous fluids through pumps. I would like to understand Computational fluid dynamics, turbulence and viscous flows in greater detail so as to work on demanding challenges in this field like stalling conditions encountered in operation of axial fans & compressors.

After going through the information regarding ongoing research at your college and the available lab facilities, I can confidently assert that graduate studies at your esteemed institution coupled with my excellent technical experience will further enhance my analytical skills to solve complex engineering problems. I am also aware of the resilient and dedicated resolve needed for a Master's program, which I am well prepared for and I will be able to contribute a lot to the University at...
gautam007 3 / 6  
Dec 20, 2014   #2
Your second last para is that important . You don't need to be so much specific in defining your area. You need to be go to the thermal engineering but why you need to tell specified area. Instead of that you should be much more presentable about your interest About why it inspires you? why you are are so inspired to do masters. Give some very beautiful example so that they can't deny you.
OP sanket1011 1 / 1  
Dec 20, 2014   #3
Thanks gautam007 !!

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