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'exciting discoveries and inventions' - statement of purpose for PhD in epigenetics

hello, i am applying for PhD in an institution in germany.
i prepared the following sop for the same. can you please help me by rectifying any mistake and making it effective ?
sop is downstream.

The past century has seen many exciting discoveries and inventions from diverse fields of sciences. Moreover these breakthroughs supplemented us to reveal the other hidden secrets of nature. From G.J. Mendel's pea plant experiments to Watson & Crick's DNA model and then to Paul Berg's recombinant DNA and finally to Human Genome Project, we have witnessed many fascinating miracles of nature. And now we are at the dawn of efflorescence in Molecular Biology, which provides an excellent basis for application of genetics, biochemistry, cell biology, modern physics and computational techniques. I believe that there are still many exciting beneficial discoveries waiting to be seen by us. We will one day definitely find out how God created us.

The roots of my fascination towards life sciences originated during high school, when I studied about DNA for the first time. I and my friends used to discuss about its outstanding properties in the off hours of school. I was so fascinated that I borrowed intermediate biology text books from my seniors and studied the biotechnology and genetic engineering part of it. I then decided that I will obtain a Ph.D. in molecular biology and become part of the next breakthrough discovery.

Once during high school I read a book based on Jagdish Chandra Bose's discoveries in plant stimulus responses. It was written in the book that flowers close their petals during night and open during day. I amazed to see that hibiscus flowers blooming in my garden closed their petals during a low temperature day time and after fertilization also. Next day I went to my biology teacher and said to him that I challenged the theory of J.C. Bose. But he explained to me that the particular book does not contain enough information and what I have seen was already been documented by J.C. Bose. This incident gave me a lot of inspiration to search more deeply into the nature. I then started doing eccentric experiments like giving cactus, the dose of alcohol everyday in order to make the plant addict to it and then one day I mistakenly injected the alcohol into it, after a day the portion decolorized. My biology teacher explained that organic solvents decolorize the plant pigments. These incidents attracted me more towards the life sciences.

During my bachelors and masters in Biotechnology at Kurukshetra University, one of the highly reputed institutions of nation, I came across the amazing world of Molecular genetics, Cell Biology, Biochemistry and Genetic Engineering. And I gradually developed interest in Molecular Biology and decided to dedicate my life towards the epigenetic research. I believe that most of the present day problems will be answered by epigenetic phenomena. I think instead of manipulating a particular signaling pathway to rectify a disorder, we should concentrate on determining the methylation and acetylation codes of genome and manipulating them. I regard that there must be a link between a particular methylation code and sets of cross talk in signaling pathways associated with it. Cell signaling is very complicated process full of exceptions. It shouldn't be that much matriculated. If God made this, it should be simple.

During my bachelors and masters studies I have undergone Training on detection and quantification of water and air pollution at Pollution Control Research Institute, BHEL, Haridwar (India), Training in quality control microbiology department at Aglowmed Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Roorkee (India) and Training on micropropagation in S.tuberosum by nodal cuttings and microtuber production at Central Potato Research Institute, Modipuram campus, Meerut (India). The training work gave me an insight into the R & D methodologies and learned strategy making and importance of team work.

I still feel that the knowledge I have gained is infinitesimal and fragmentary. I realize that I am still languishing on the shores and yet to venture into the vast ocean of Molecular Biology.

Apart from academia, other wonders which feed my soul are traveling, sculpturing, computer games, science documentaries, music and table tennis. I also enjoy being in the presence of people from all over the world and knowing about their culture, tradition, music and cuisine.

The extensive research facilities and highly qualified faculty together with the spirit of creativity and scientific environment have prompted me to apply to XYZ University's Doctoral program in epigenetics. I believe this would give me the opportunity to be on the cutting-edge of research, with experts in the field I look forward to joining the Institute in order to share the excitement in this unique and evolutionary program and to be a part of the team and make productive contributions.

I too agree, this came from with-in, and sincerely highlights your passion for your work. It's really well worded.

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